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Intimate Wedding Inspo in ‘Little Paris’ with Feminine and Modern Touches


An entirely new wedding trend that first started during the Covid-19 pandemic out of necessity but is here to stay: the intimate wedding. This timeless and classic styled shoot is full of wedding inspiration and showcases how special and unique an intimate wedding can be ... and also reminds us why this is one of our favorite wedding trends! It combines femininity with modern details, is set in the co-capital of Greece also known as 'Little Paris', and has a unique color palette inspired by 'café-au-lait' that we just can't get enough. Colors of bisque, champagne, ivory, caramel, taupe, and blush mixed with marine and gorgeous fall foliage.

Keep scrolling to see the wall-flower backdrop, a cake-stand that is growing out of the plush botanical chaparral, non-identical boutonnieres, and many more save-worthy ideas! All the beautiful photos are by Aristotelis Fakiolas. Soo Events planned every detail of this wedding inspiration and Love Me Do created the stunning handwritten calligraphy and painted bloom invitations. Dimitris Pavlidis was there to film as this inspiration came to life at Lumiere Studio. All the images are in the full gallery, so be sure to click through and read on to hear more from Soo Events.


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The Inspiration For This Styled Shoot

The Modern-Day Swan. Autumn in the City. Think JLT's Charlotte York in Alexander McQueen meeting Cynthia Erivo in Christian Siriano - or a perennially swank Café-au-lait wedding palette that brings together old-school elegance with empowered, cool-bride edge. From Soo Events Inspiration Truman Capote once said, 'style is what you are' and no one was more stylish than his inner circle of beautiful female friends. Dubbed 'Swans,' they were the most glamorous women of his day. From Gloria Guinness and Lena Horne to Lee Radziwill and Marella Agnelli, these original 'It' girls who inspired the Breakfast at Tiffany's writer - and whose stories and style reign eternal -are now becoming a source of inspiration for thousands of modern-day brides.

Their style? Timeless and classically prone, with soft and flattering color combinations making a quiet statement of uber-sophistication. Their joy? Wearing dresses that are a little more refined and super-feminine but retain a perfect air of modernity. Their dream-wedding designs? Spruce celebrations that are at odds with today's more deconstructed and undone fashion, and parties that still incorporate the essence of super-chic while managing to look current. Think JLT's Charlotte York in her Alexander McQueen meeting Cynthia Erivo rocking that Christian Siriano gown. Now turn these two into a perfectly tailored Luccia B wedding dress, and a forever-sleek wedding concept, and there you have it! The modern-day Swan!


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Autumn in Little Paris

Autumn in the City Northern Greeks like to refer to the co-capital of Greece as Little Paris and its sparkling avenues as its heartbeat. One of the many pleasures here is strolling the busy streets, marveling at the gorgeous architectural facades, and discovering little hidden treasures inside. No wonder there, as the city owes its charm to a Parisian, Ernest Hébrard, whose urban plan rendered magnificent 18th-century buildings like the one where our shoot took place. Architectural elegance and Swan aesthetic aside, we also chose to set the scene at the Lumiere Studio because Thessaloniki's autumnal light seeps in so sumptuously when one chooses to ascend. Climbing up on a wrought-iron elevator, the view of the streets below was mesmerizing, and a stately indoor scheme is always essential as a wedding's rainy-day plan. A Swanny Palette Sticking to the edited and classic color palette of cafe-au-lait (bisque, champagne, ivory, caramel, taupe, a hint of blush) and adding a dab of marine, and gorgeous fall foliage notes, we stroke a delicate balance of old-school elegance and polished modernity.

We embraced the creamy Valspar30 for the furnishings and warm, chiffon-taupe in the linens, which looked perfect against our venue's white-stucco- trimmed walls and fawn wooden floors. Cordially invited we may be experiencing an increasingly digital world. Still, there is nothing like a wedding announcement to get our attention away from the screens and back to beautiful paper, stamps, and mailboxes. Channeling the beauty of formality, Love Me Do created a most impressive handwritten calligraphy and painted bloom suite including all necessary enclosures, plus what made our wedding invitations stand out. Who wouldn't love to see a ruffled paper tag with their own name on the table, or receive a wedding invitation folio brimful of classy paper and wax seals?




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What 'rose' to the occasion?

David Austin garden roses, of course! Paired to cafe-au-lait Dahlias grown in her very own garden, playfully dainty Hellebores for movement, Hydrangeas, Tulips and Delphiniums, Maria Voudouri's botanical design can make a bride's heart sing and eyes well up with inimitable elegance. And what is a Swan wedding without a lounger framed by immaculate arrangements, a wall-flower backdrop, a cake-stand growing out of plush botanical chaparral, and the prettiest non-identical boutonnieres? Not to mention those petal-toss cones filled with something way neater than rose petals, and a make-your-mark bridesmaid's wreath to match the sumptuous bridal bouquet! You'll make a fine pear Gift baskets far outweigh a simple box with a "thank you" card, and since autumn's produce is generous in Greece, we created an opulent picnic bushel guests can enjoy at their own pace. Freshly harvested grapes, figs, and pears make a perfect match with bubbly and crispy, salty treats, while a linen napkin set always comes in handy, be it for quick meals or alfresco cocktails. Fruit of the season mixed with champagne cream also infused our elegant three-tiered wedding cake crafted by Pepi Beza Boutique Baking. Table manners, although the beginning of the new twenties turned everyone's tables, the C-19 era brought rise to an entirely new trend. First out of necessity, and soon because of endless testimonials, intimate wedding soirees and receptions rose in popularity and proved that a more concise event can be, actually, incredibly fun.

When conjuring up our modern-day swan concept, and while grander affairs are still the norm in Greece, we wished to be mindful about placement. We arranged our table and seating for ten guests, illustrating how the same principles apply to any wedding size and kept things sweet for everyone attending. Melding the aesthetics between La Côte Basque and Schrafft's on Fifth Avenue, where many illustrious Swans actually hosted their private shindigs, we injected the already elegant studio with the enduring comeliness of a 5-course meal in ivory and copper, topped by - what else ?- a bubbly tower. Swell!


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