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Stretch the Rules with Stitch & Tie’s New Suit Separates Collection

Coral-Wedding-Inspiration-in-Hawaii-AnnaB-Events-Alice-Ahn-Bridal-Musings-16 PHOTOGRAPHY: Alice Ahn Photography

How did it ever come to be that for men, on one of the more active days of your life, you’re expected to be in head-to-toe formal wear, a suit to be specific? Yes, of course, you want to look your best, especially for all of those priceless photo ops with family, friends, and the love of your life, but how are you supposed to hug, dance, toast, and eat (really eat) in a suit?

Something’s gotta give, and usually that something is comfort–that is, until now. Stitch & Tie, the virtual brainchild of beloved menswear brand, Friar Tux, has introduced a new line of suit separates. And get this–they stretch, so your wedding day just got a whole lot more comfortable! That’s right baby, with Stitch & Tie’s latest collection you can have your wedding cake and *actually eat it too!

tan stretch suit from Stitch & Tie

charcoal stretch wedding suit from Stitch & Tie

All-day Comfort

With both rental and purchase options for their suits (or a combo of both) Stitch & Tie has always been flexible, but never quite like this! All of the style with none of the sacrifice, Stitch & Tie’s new collection incorporated stretch in every way they possibly could, and not just in these revolutionary suiting fabrics. From underarm stretch panels to stretch waistbands on suits for purchase, comfort, and mobility are built right into the construction of each garment. From the ceremony, photos, reception, and dancing all the way to the after-party, your wedding party will thank you. ‌

classic black stretch tuxedo from Stitch & Tie dark green stretch suit from Stitch & Tie

Tan big and tall stretch three piece suit from Stitch & Tie

Suit Separates

Have you ever found the perfect suit but only half fits? You’re not alone, most men have this issue and end up having to buy or rent the larger size and paying a ton in costly alterations fees. With Stitch & Tie’s Suit Separates you can buy individually sized coats, pants, and vests, whichever size works best for your body type! Plus they have an incredible size range, from standard to Big & Tall sizes.

20220427 - Friar Tux Green Lt Grey Combo 1800 mix and max stretch suits from Stitch & Tie

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Cobalt blue stretch wedding suit from Stitch & Tie

We Say Buy–Here’s Why…

More and more men are opting to purchase their wedding looks instead of renting them, especially when the prices are this good….At Stitch & Tie, full suits start at just $229.95! For the same price as most rental companies, you can own your look and rock it long after the wedding celebration. And yes, your groomsmen will actually wear these babies again! Ditch the tie, and we’re talking endless mix-and-match and re-use possibilities: date night, weekend away, or an upcoming work event–you name it! Pro tip: invest in the vest. For an additional $39.95, Stitch & Tie offers a 4-button suit vest with a sliding size adjuster on the back. The vest completes the look and adds a level of polish to the photos plus it’s just one more way to spice up your options after the big day.

dark green stretch wedding suit from Stitch & Tie

We partnered with Stitch & Tie to bring you this look at their latest collection. As always, thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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