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All the Best Groom Style Details Shots You Need On Your Wedding Day Photo List

Bride and Groom Champagne at the Lake Shot

Photo Credit: Lindsay Elaine Photography; @_lindsayelaine 

As much as we say that grooms are important in the wedding planning process, we do end up giving brides a lot more air time in the style department. You can’t blame us, right? Because brides have dresses, lingerie, shoes, hair accessories, jewelry, I mean, the entire bridal trousseau, to talk about. With grooms, we think suit or tux, shoes, cufflinks and a watch maybe? Shame on us, we’ll admit it, but we’re making up for lost time by putting together this comprehensive list of the best groom details shots you’ll need to prep your pro photographer with before the wedding. Stitch & Tie, the premier one-stop shop for all things formalwear with standard to big & tall sizes, helped us curate this on-point checklist, along with some style tips for making the shots even better. The details stand out when they’re added to an already flawless head-to-toe ensemble, after all.

So, let’s get into this serious shot list.

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The “damn, my groom glow up is 👌” shot

Groom on wedding day stitch and tie Photo Credit:

Color has been a huge trend for grooms in recent years, but in 2023, rose pink and dark green are going to be the favorites.

The “wow, they look so good, I hope they’re into my vibe too” shot

Groom waiting for bride stitch and tie Photo Credit:

The “last-minute adjustments” shot

Groom making adjustments shot Stitch & Tie Photo Credit:

The “yep, the flowers match my jacket… we planned it” shot

Groom and bride portrait Stitch & Tie Photo Credit:

Patterns are a fun, high-end option for confident grooms who are game to go all out—and with a paisley print (versus chambray, plaid, seersucker, or checked interest), you’ll show you’re a true style visionary on the day you exchange vows.

The “I’ve been waiting way too long to say I take thee forever ” shot

Groom putting ring on bride Stitch & Tie Photo Credit:

If you’re hesitant about a full top to bottom paisley POV, you could always choose a paisley coat for a second/change-out look for your first dance or after-party

The “straight on, i’m living in this all-about-me portrait moment” shot

Groom portrait Stitch & Tie Photo Credit:

The “who knew I could rock this white with a black shawl tux” shot

Groom in all white tuxedo Stitch & Tie Photo Credit:

You cannot go wrong with a timeless tux—black or white, it works without fail. Not to mention, it photographs phenomenally. Even with a beautiful partner sharing your spotlight, you’ll stand out

The “my bowtie is bending, but who cares” shot

Bride and groom on a beach Stitch & Tie Photo Credit:

The “wow, we’re goals today” shot

Bride and groom first look Stitch & Tie Photo Credit:

The “blue velvet with all the black (lapels, cufflinks, and bowtie) is fire” shot

Blue velvet tux Stitch & Tie Photo Credit:

Velvet has been big for brides and bridesmaids for a long time, but grooms and groomsmen can embrace the luxe look too. Gold, burgundy and royal blue velvet are some of the best.

The “mix and match trend can go beyond bridesmaids dresses” shot

Bride in leather groom in velvet Stitch & Tie Photo Credit:

Leather and velvet is the bride and groom mashup we never knew we needed And to that end, mix and match styling is a great way to champion a unique look that is yours and yours alone for your wedding day. Stitch & Tie features a range of colorful suits and tuxedos in hues of rose pink, dark green, light blue, cobalt blue, and knockout neutrals, too (think tan, grays, white, caramel, and café brown). And you can connect with a Stitch & Tie stylist for a concierge-style one-on-one virtual style session where they’ll talk to you about your style must-haves, get a deeper understanding of your wedding aesthetics and fashion vibes, and tailor a curated selection of full-weekend-long looks (for all your wedding parties, pre and post) so you don’t have to go it alone. There’s even an option to schedule an at-home try-on, if you’re never one to shy away from a test-drive.


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