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One Huge Reason Why Your Groom Will Want to Design His Own Ring

One Huge Reason Why Your Groom Will Want to Design His Own Ring

Alrighty, so we’ve talked about custom rings before, and have shared ALL the reasons why it’s a total DO. But one of our favorite men’s wedding band brands, Lashbrook, just gave us one more reason why designing your own band is the best idea ever - and we had to dish on the details. Essentially, they’ve come up with an epic giveaway whereby one lucky winner will get his (or her, if you’re entering for your man!) hands on a band he’ll want to wear for now and for always. Entering the contest is a cinch, too, so if you have a fiancé who has at least 60 seconds to spare on social media every day - and ummm, we know boys are big on the Gram, too (don’t let them say otherwise) - then you should drop some hints. At the end of the day, a wedding band might not be raging on his radar all too much RN, but if he knows he could get it for FREE, then why wouldn’t he want to take a chance?

Just in case you needed the lowdown on Lashbrook again…

At Lashbrook, they give customers the freedom to create their own rings. They are huge proponents and champions for the charge that you don’t have to settle for what someone else thinks is a great style. Instead, you can choose the materials, the design, the engraving – everything. It’s your ring and you should feel proud and privileged to wear it.

One Huge Reason Why Your Groom Will Want to Design His Own Ring

They’ve actually created a foolproof way for guys to figure out THEIR flow for that finger, and it goes a little something like this:

When your groom has decided he’s ready to go in on his ring, he can get all the help he needs from Lashbrook's online guided ring builder, which houses more than one billion style variations. From there, they’ll take the order as if it were a fresh, gourmet meal request, and tailor make the model using authentic materials and a “high-tech, high-touch” method of production. High-tech with their investment in state-of-the-art machinery and lasers. High-touch in that they handle each ring by hand to polish, finish and customize with diamonds or any other materials the customer may desire.

One Huge Reason Why Your Groom Will Want to Design His Own Ring

And just a few more reasons why this builder, in particular, is boss!

  • Customization is child’s play (for your adult groom, of course) - there are easy-to-navigate drop down menus to guide him through and simple design categories - from base metals and unique materials to engravings and finishes - to streamline the process

  • The ring builder can literally curate a custom, creative ring in as little as 60 seconds. So, if your guy already has ideas about what he wants to wear, plugging it all in is easy-peasy

  • We did say more than a billion style variations, right? Well, that’s because Lashbrook has a venerable vault of unique materials to work with: real hardwood, authentic meteorite, hand-forged Damascus, solid carbon fiber, elk antler, dinosaur bone, and crazy amounts more

  • On the flip side, if your man has no idea what he wants to do, he can delay his ring build until he’s had some time to scope out the extent of what LB can do. He can check out all the rings first, as recon. And you can file this away for “inspo.” 😜

One Huge Reason Why Your Groom Will Want to Design His Own Ring

What he could win

Here’s the part you’ll want to highlight for him, because it becomes incentive for ALL of the above.

Whether you’re designing it (we can always get down with a future-spouse-created surprise) or he is, the rules for entry are super simple:

  1. Use the “BUILD YOUR OWN” guided ring builder to design the perfect men’s band
  2. Post the screenshot of your unique rendering on your page (Facebook or Instagram), tag Lashbrook (FB @lashbrookrings; IG @lashbrookdesigns) AND include the hashtag #mylashbrookring
  3. Do it anytime between now and March 31st, because the winner will be announced on April 3rd
  4. The takeaway = a custom-made ring that he’ll be stoked to wear, up to $1500 in value.

One Huge Reason Why Your Groom Will Want to Design His Own Ring


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We partnered with Lashbrook to make a few believers out of custom men's wedding bands (and put the coolest contest on their radar). As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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