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Groomsman Gift Idea: Boys Can Appreciate Bracelets Too

Linc Bracelets

I’ll admit, when my husband told me he was buying his boys bracelets and pocket knives (he’s super outdoorsy) for groomsmen gifts, I was a feeling kind of meh about it. 1) Because it weirdly made me think of friendship bracelets, I know shameful gender stereotyping, you’ll have to forgive me. 2) I wondered if his entourage would actually see the merit in man bracelets. And 3) I thought it was a little too matchy-matchy with my side of the bridal party, since I too was doing jewelry - just earrings instead of arm parties. Now; however, I realize that my former fiancé was just sooo ahead of the trend and he had pretty solid style perspective - sorry babe, should have never doubted you. For any of you at home, with S.O.s who still haven’t landed on a gift for their groomsmen, we tapped Linc Bracelets - an Aussie-based brand that leads the pack when it comes to men’s bracelets - for some thoughts. Starting with the first in command.

The hint here isn’t for your guy to gift his Best Man with something that he can wear at the wedding, although that isn’t out of the realm of possibility, especially if the bracelet boasts some metallic hardware that plays well with the girls’ jewelry… Instead, we kind of like the idea of giving his bestie a wrist sitch that’s enviably wearable, maybe even something that vibes with his favorite watch. So, something that doesn’t compete with his everyday arm-or, but complements it, like a simple and streamlined leather bracelet. Mixed material looks, like braided leather with some metallic adornments - also stand up well to chunkier watches - and they can be stacked and layered. If your fiancé’s friend or family member already has a reputation as the taste trailblazer in group, then he might even have a few bracelets in his jewelry drawer and this one will be right at home.

Linc Bracelets

When it comes to the bridal party as a whole - sans the girl squad - if you’re buying in bulk and gifting every guy with wristwear, then we suggest going with something trendy, yet casual. As per the ☝, you want to scout out a style that’s less about making a statement (it’s definitely not accidental panache, it’s calculated) and more about showing how multidimensional your male friends’ fashion senses are. Not unlike women, they’ll appreciate a good style staple, something that’s v. versatile. Can’t go wrong with a carbon fiber bracelet here. They’re cool-looking, majorly-manly and durable AF, so that takes care of any freshman-y friendship bracelet hesitations, while guaranteeing a useful, long-wear future.

And for the Best Man, why not embrace a colored bracelet? His gift should be just a smidge more special than those for the rest of the crew, after all, when it comes to shades of friendship, he and his Best Man are the brightest. Brides aren’t the only ones who can appreciate #somethingblue, grooms can too.

Just something to think about….

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