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How to Make Your Groom Feel Special On Your Wedding Day

How to Make Your Groom Feel Special Photo from Paul Evans Photo:

Let’s be honest, the wedding day is pretty much all about the bride. Yah, we said it, and mean it. She’s been planning this day since she was a little girl, stressing over all the “I Do” details for the greater part of your engagement, and probably even committing to lots of squats before tying the knot, so she deserves almost alllll the attention. The groom matters, too, of course - but he knows it’s all about the Mrs. at the end of the day. So, while he’s stepping back (in handsome luxury footwear by Paul Evans, no less) and letting her have the spotlight, she can do a few things BTS to ensure he still feels special on the big day. And because he isn’t expecting it, it’ll be all the more appreciated.

So ladies, we chatted amongst ourselves to figure out a few fun things to consider doing for your groom on your wedding day (and/or the days leading up to it) to make him feel badass and make sure he’s feeling all the love - all the way from his head down to his toes. That’s right, you can say buhbye to any cold feet jokes, because in a pair of Paul Evans shoes, he’ll definitely be cool, but far from cold.

How to Make Your Groom Feel Special Shoes from Paul Evans

((Just a disclaimer, though, he’s going to feel special regardless of any surprises from his bride-to-be. He’s the lucky one, after all 😉))

See if his hair guy will make a house call 

He knows his hair has to be in great shape for your wedding day - like 👌 quality. So, see if you can call in a favor and have his barber do a special occasion snip at your apartment or his office - so he doesn’t have to worry about making an appointment.

Get a private gift he’ll love looking at forever

Who wouldn’t want to see their bride looking beautiful in something sweet or sexy? We love the idea of having a boudoir shoot and then gifting your groom with an album filled with your favorite highlights. It’s a gift for him, but it’s just as much a gift for you - to feel confident, sassy and self-assured.

Arrange a breakfast for the boys that morning 

My husband stayed at his parent’s house the night before our wedding, so my mother-in-law made sure her son had a five-star breakfast when he woke up (mama ALWAYS does it best). But it’s a super nice gesture to arrange a breakfast for your boy and his squad that morning. Have a chef come in and do omelettes, waffles, shakes, maybe even a baller bloody mary bar. #bestwifeaward-worthy for sureeee.

Upgrade his groom gear

Help him turn out some GQ-looking snaps by ordering in some sauve AF shades that he can sport for the special day. And while we’re on the topic of haute Italian handiwork, why not upgrade what goes on his feet? The same rules about not seeing what each other is wearing for the wedding don’t really apply for the groom. So, if you can get an idea of what he’ll be wearing, especially on his feet, you can do a last-minute swap of those hideous tuxedo shoes and instead set him up with a sick pair of fine Italian calfskin leather shoes. Everything from Paul Evans is painted by hand, and blake stitched for exceptional comfort, sleek design and the ability to resole. They’re so sexy.

Carve out some QT for you two

Your day is going to fly by, so being able to escape photos and people you don’t want to talk to (yah, you WILL have to entertain those guests at some point in the night) will be a priority. We’re fans of taking your hubby aside for just a few, retiring to a private reception room, and bringing in one of the bartenders to facilitate a pre-reception toast (with a drink you conceptualized just for him) for just the two of you. If you had a boudoir book made, or just want to make out with your man away from the cameras, this is the perfect way to do it.

How to Make Your Groom Feel Special Photo from Paul Evans

And as for the ☝️shoes, make sure you’re checking Paul Evans out, your guy is going to love them. Swipe along for some of the sharpest skus that you’ll totally approve for the ‘I Dos.’


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