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How to Add Some Color to Your Guy’s Wedding Band

How to Add Some Color to Your Guy’s Wedding Band

Let’s be honest, for women, there is SO much you can do with color when it comes to your engagement ring and wedding band. It’s not just gold and diamonds anymore, hardly. You can go with a beautifully-hued gemstone, you can embrace white, yellow, rose gold or platinum for your metal, and you can even inlay colored stones in the band itself. For guys, though, traditionally the options have been limited. That’s why we’ve loved how creative men’s jewelry companies have been getting with rings; giving men tons of opportunities to make their rings unique. And one of our favorites, Lashbrook, has not only been bringing grooms an insane variety of materials to work with for their bands, they’ve been rolling out a whole color collection. Coming off of June’s pride month and continuing straight on through summer and fall wedding seasons, we thought it’d be a great time to talk about another way guys can make their rings their own.

Ever heard of Cerakote?

We’ll be real, we hadn’t really heard of it either, but it’s kind of amazing. This Polymer-Ceramic Composite coating was originally developed for performance applications in the firearm, knife, and tool industries (masculine much?) and now it’s being used to enhance metals, plastics, polymers, and wood. So, why wouldn’t it have jewelry purposes, especially now that men’s wedding bands feature materials like antler wood, bone, metals other than simple gold, etc.?

How to Add Some Color to Your Guy’s Wedding Band

In any case, Lashbrook has teamed up with Cerakote to break the mold on some of the most durable and vibrantly-colored men’s bands out there - and we’re not even lying about that durability; it outperforms SO many other coatings. And guys need that reliability and lastingness, don’t they?

Remarkable heat tolerance, durability, and hardness (you know, things we usually judge diamonds against) - Cerakote has exceptional degrees of all three, so if your future spouse is super active, works in a setting that’ll test any of these qualities, or simply needs a ring to withstand a lot of wear and tear, then you’re looking at your match.

But let’s talk about those swatches…

Because guess what? Guys are just as obsessed with color as girls are. They might be a bit more colorblind or have trouble distinguishing lilac from lavender (my husband, currently, as we go through preparations for my daughter’s nursery), but when they’re amped about a particular color - whether it was their collegiate colors, the exterior detailing of their first car, or how they’ve always described the color of your eyes (AWW) - they go all in on it. A certain color or colors can elicit an emotion, trigger a memory, or add another layer, coat (if you will) of meaning. And when it’s added to a wedding band, there’s just so much great symbolism on top of personality matching. He’ll love it.

How to Add Some Color to Your Guy’s Wedding Band

There are 33 color options to choose from, ranging from blues and reds to greens and metallics, and the Cerakote can be applied to the inside sleeves of rings and on rings with grooves or recessed patterns - colored debossing FTW! Just like everything you can buy from Lashbrook, you can either choose from any one of their popular existing styles or have your groom design his own ring with the company’s ring builder. After all, you might not know exactly which tone of red he’s going for. Is it more of a red apple or crimson? Maybe it’s closer to a USMC palette? Given the responsibility, he can build his ring in less than 60 seconds using 9 easy-to-navigate dropdown menus that take him from “let’s see what this can do” to “I can’t wait to wear my ring!”

Lashbrook makes it easy for grooms to custom make a wedding band that they’ll love. Send him a link to the online guided ring builder, and tell him to have fun! Because if you can have a pink sapphire or aquamarine sparkler, your partner should be able to find a pop of color of his own. 


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We partnered with Lashbrook to make a few believers out of custom men's wedding bands. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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