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Your Personal Wedding Photograbber From Olapic

Your Personal Wedding Photograbber From Olapic

Pictures are one of the most important pieces of a wedding. After all, they are the main way you and your loved ones will remember those special moments forever. Naturally, you will hire a professional photographer to capture many of those special moments but your photographer is just the beginning. What about all of the photos your guests took during your wedding celebration? Candid photos, intimate shots of you and the groom, your grandma dancing with your husband's uncle; your guests will snap hundreds of candid photos that add to the fun of remembering your big day. Olapic makes it quick and easy for you to collect your guests' photos in one place, giving you full control over who can see them and how they are organized all at the maximum quality possible.
What we do!

- Olapic handles all of the communication for you. We reach out to your friends, family and guests both online and offline to let them know that you will collect their photos of your wedding on Olapic. We tell them how and when to upload their photos to your Olapic account. You don't have to do a thing except enjoy your honeymoon!

- Olapic lets your guests upload their photos to your Olapic account with just one click. This means you'll collect far more photos from your special day.

- Olapic understands the importance of picture quality. Unlike other sites that store photos, we do not compress pictures. Compressing pictures lowers the picture's quality which can cause problems when printing. Olapic, allows you and your guests to upload photos at the photo's highest quality so your prints are flawless. We also provide you with unlimited storage so you don't have to worry about how many photos you can load to your Olapic account.

- You control the privacy of your photos. When friends, family and guests upload photos to Olapic, they cannot access other parts of your account.  This means all of your photos remain safe and private. You have the option to share some or all of your guests' photos. It's completely up to you.

- You can download your photos with one simple click as many times as you like and your guests can download any photos you choose to share. This is a feature other services do not allow.

- Olapic offers a wide array of professional printing options. Getting high-quality prints and albums from Olapic is easy. Simply choose your photo and printing format and add your selection to your Olapic shopping cart.
If you want to see an example of what your guest will see take a look at the wedding alexycabo.olapic.com of one of the founders of Olapic.
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Your Personal Wedding Photograbber From Olapic

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