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What to Include In Your Welcome Bags for Guests

All your wedding weekend welcome bag needs Inspiration :

Soooo they’re basically all of us. You know, because what couple doesn’t want to throw a hangover cure cache into their welcome bags?!?!! It’s basic in the best way possible! No, but supposedly the welcome bags that guests attending Priyanka and Nick’s wedding this weekend received were packed with a hell of a lot more than a simple pain reliever, Pedialyte, and eye mask situation. 

twitter post

According to a Tweet from one of Nick’s fan feeds, and corroborated on several celeb/buzzy media posts that ran a few hours ago, the swag included what looks like a really nice tote, a tissue-wrapped ‘taste of India’ gift, which one can only assume contained sensually-alluring aromatics, spices, flavors, all reminiscent of Priyanka’s native country (where they’ll be married), an ‘oh sh*t kit,’ which usually either quells hangover queasies or helps guests get through any day-of emergency (where a bobby pin, hair tie, tiny sewing kit, double-sided tape, stain remover pen, fresh breath strip, or deodorant might be needed), and a variety of pamphlets and cards embossed with the couple’s monogram, likely outlining the itinerary for the wedding weekend. A number of other outlets confirmed, too, that guests got booklets on both Western and Indian Wedding Traditions. LOVE!

And while we’re still hours away from learning anything else about NP’s nuptials, will be refreshing my Insta feed ALL WEEKEND LONG, these two definitely gave us a pretty high bar when it comes to welcome bags.

Inkt & Co Wedding Welcome Bag Novelty Water Bottle Inspiration:

For all of us non-celebs, who don’t have $200K engagement rings around our fingers ((GORGEOUSSSSS $200K rings, that is)), putting together a sweet and absolutely appreciated gesture for your guests is not out of the question. WHATSOEVER. We may not have included welcome bags in our list of things that guests really care about, but we’ll say it now, they do care about these!!!

Coming from someone who tore through her best friend’s welcome bag before said friend's rehearsal dinner - the dinner was late, I didn’t eat all day thinking about my bridesmaid dress fitting for the wedding itself, and I needed to carbo-load before wining all night long ((mom and dad’s first weekend away without the baby!!!!)) - the KIND bars and chocolate chip cookies were everything and I’m forever grateful for the gluttony that the bag provided. 🙌

For any brides or grooms wondering what to include in their welcome bag, here goes:

A sweet welcome note from the two of you. 

Thank You Card from Miss Design Berry Inspiration:

You might not have an opportunity to address all of your guests and thank them for joining you on such a joyous day - so, including a welcome note that comes from the both of you is just as special. Convey your gratitude for them being there and acknowledge how excited you are to walk into this new chapter of life together, in their presence. And also give them a little explanation of what you’re sharing with them and why you’re so thrilled to do so! This is where you can get creative and tell a story, your love story. Maybe you’ll include flip flops, either because your guests will be meeting you at the beach for your ‘I Dos’ or because you and your boo got together one night in college when you couldn’t deal with heels, and he/she had flops for your feeties; maybe you’ll include an old school CD with a soundtrack of you and your S.O.’s favorite songs to belt in the car; maybe you’ll want to include all of the items your partner used in his/her scavenger hunt to ask you to marry them, because it was so unforgettable for you, and you couldn’t let the weekend happen without letting all of your family and friends know, too.

A map/legend of what will go down. 

Four Things Paper Illustrated Map for Welcome Bag Inspiration:

These days, a lot of couples will enlist a calligrapher or bespoke stationer+artist to make a graphic/illustrated map of the entire wedding weekend, where the rehearsal dinner will take place, the wedding ceremony, the reception, the after party, the post-wedding brunch, etc. We love stuff like this, because stationers and illustrators get so into it, and the work they do is BEAUTIFUL. Apart from literal maps, couples will also include a key for what might happen during the wedding ceremony, especially if the wedding brings together a couple from different backgrounds/cultures (like Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra). This is such a wonderful way to make your guests feel like they’re not just spectators, rather, they’re clued in on all the nuances of your nuptials and can really take part as family and friends. Your guests want to know what’s going on, so if you can help them understand, you’ll be making it a much more comfortable experience.

You can also have the stationer create a social media/hashtag cheat sheet for your guests - if you want them to come prepared to snap and share. Just include a note about kindly adding #whateveryourweddinghashtagis to all of their photos, so that everyone can see the awesomeness of the day in one place!

Anything sweet or savory

Donut Ever Let Me Go Novelty Mug Inspiration:

This doesn’t need a ton of explanation. Truly. Guests like snacking, so if you can appeal to their sweet tooth or savory cravings, then you’re golden. Extra points if you can curate local/seasonal goodies that make sense to your wedding celebration, and even more brownie points if you can work in a festive sip. Maybe a few nibs to make your signature cocktail or a personalized flask that you can have fun with. AKA, “here’s a flask for an event in the future, if you have to ask if you can bring it to the wedding, we can’t be friends 😉.” Friends don’t let friends be hot messes // at least not at each other’s weddings.

For more clues on what to include in your welcome bags - take a peek at our Inspiration > Favors & Details and Registries, Gifts & Apps. Also lots to peep in our gift guide ((especially the items under $50!)).