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5 Things to Know When You’re Choosing Wedding Favors

The Favor Loft Personalized Escort Cards

At least that’s what Carrie Lux, shop owner and designer at The Favor Loft, thinks. And we couldn’t agree with her more. A wedding favor is often one of the last details you square away for your big day, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a thoughtless decision. In fact, the wedding favors were among my favorite parts of my wedding, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything (despite having to send my then fiancé into NYC during rush-hour to go pick up 150+ cellophane-wrapped bags of mini French macarons. He lovvvved me for that). The Favor Loft doesn’t believe in gifting junk that will be in a landfill by the time their couples return from their honeymoons; instead, they focus on favors that are consumable or quite practical for everyday living. Foodie or functional. 🙌 We’ll take either. 

Before we jump into 5 things to consider when you’re figuring out favors, we realized it was absolutely imperative you knew about one of our favorite Etsy shops ((which just so happens to have serious chops in the favor category)).

On a cozy, quiet mainstreet in the middle of the Midwest, sits a quaint little design and print studio that’s a total treasure! The Favor Loft operates its shop on Etsy, and also launched on Amazon this year, catering to couples looking for unique and purposeful wedding favors plus some extra special wedding decor elements. From the sweetest little treat bags, to the most unique confetti-tossing alternatives, the offerings at TFL are just too good.

We asked Carrie about her thoughts on what constitutes a great favor, and she filled us in. So, if you’re currently contemplating the takeaway for when you tie the knot, don’t gloss over this!

It somehow conveys your loves + passions to your guests

The Favor Loft Perfect Blend Ground Coffee Beans

With her business, Carrie encourages couples to think about their own interests, hobbies, passion projects, and how they can be shared with their wedding guests. For instance, I know that for my cousin’s wedding in January, they’ll be gifting guests with mini bottles of my brother-in-law’s (yes, I know, keeping it in the family // that’s what happens when a wedding brings people together, happily) home-brewed beer. The gesture is sweet and personal, and extra special. It doesn’t just say ‘Hey, thanks for coming, have fun guzzling this later!’ Rather, it invites guests to get to know you a little better and discover something that they might not know already; guests won’t just down the beer before going to bed later that night, or let it spoil in the car ride on the way home, they’ll wait to enjoy it at a later time and think fondly about its maker and his newly-minted marriage! That’s the hope, at least 🍻😉

It tastes ah-mazing

Sweet ending cookie wedding favor for The Favor Loft

Can anyone honestly say that they’ve been disappointed by a favor that was sweet, salty, sugar-coated or chocolate-covered? No. The answer is no. Anyone can get down with a sweet treat or savory send off at the end of the night, myself included #OGmacaronmaven. At The Favor Loft, you can get crafty, clever bags for any edible you’re eyeing up for your event. Consider personalized coffee bags that you can fill with grounds or beans from your local roaster, or cookies that were baked with your grandmother’s favorite recipes in mind and branded with one of their lovely custom wedding seal options. Carrie actually says that she gets a TON of orders from brides who want cute little bags for their guests to take home wedding cake leftovers. Whooooo wouldn’t??

It’s creative, but totally environmentally-conscious

Wedding favor confetti toss with eco-conscious materials from The Favor Loft

For eco-conscious couples out there, many of The Favor Loft’s wedding favors are created using recycled materials and are meant to be recycled again after they’re used at your celebration #howsthatforpayingitforward? They even incorporate an old-school printing method utilizing water-based (but smudge proof!) inks on many of their products. And even before the favors, once the ‘I Dos’ are done, they offer super-elegant, vellum confetti envelopes as a premium way to package whatever you’d like guests to throw for your ‘good luck’ toss. We’ll give you some hints: huckleberry leaves and daisy petals, or a mix of wild bird seed and hydrangea petals.

It helps your guests live happily ever after, too

The Favor Loft's Hangover Kit

Weddings are a wonderful occasion, no doubt about that. But once the vows have been exchanged, the signature drinks sipped, and the dance floor destroyed (in the best way), heading home with a hangover in the rear-view mirror is 👎. So, the best way to ensure your guests disperse in good spirits, after their spirits = gifting them a killer hangover kit with ALL the meds they might need. And a punny bag to put it all together certainly doesn’t hurt. After all, “Love is the best medicine… but this might be helpful tomorrow too!” The squad that gets through post-wedding under-the-weatherness together, stays together.

It goes above and beyond the call of duty

Something that can be snacked on is always a good call, but couples who really nail it with their favors go above and beyond - to include treats not only for attending guests, but their furry friends at home, as well. The Favor Loft has adorable bags and stickers for pet wedding favors (signed from your pet and addressed either for your guests’ four-legged fam at home or just a cute way to dress up any kind of treat you’d like to send home as a midnight snack!). Paw-somesauce, total paw-somesauce!

Of course, charitable considerations + donations to an organization near and dear to the couple are always great, too! Goes right back to #1 - conveys something personal with your guests ☝️.

Get to know Carrie and the shop’s inside vibe a little better, and be the first to know about giveaways and promotions by following their Instagram feed @thefavorloft.

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We partnered with The Favor Loft to bring you all the tips on forever-remembered favors! As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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