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Wedding Registry Secrets From Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath and Beyond Wedding Registry Secrets

 This post is in collaboration and sponsored by Bed Bath & Beyond.

Let's pause for a second and take a moment to get super excited about your wedding! Whether you're planning a short engagement or a long engagement, one crucial part of the wedding planning process is registering for your wedding.

Curating your new home is so exciting and registering for your wedding will be one of the highlights in your wedding planning process. Before you start all the fun, read on to hear about a few Wedding Chicks registry secrets from Bed Bath & Beyond. Plus check out a few of our favorite registry items that you are going to want to add to your wedding registry.  

Bed Bath & Beyond wedding registry

Recently we went to our local Bed Bath & Beyond wedding registry store in Meridian, Idaho. There we learned about all the perks and secrets to registering with  Bed Bath & Beyond.

 WEDDING registry secret #1

The first secret is to schedule an in-store consultation. This way you can have a personalized visit with one of Bed Bath & Beyond's wedding registry experts. They are there  to help you create an amazing registry that suits all of your needs. There after that,  you can login in online and add even more items to your wedding registry.

Bonus! When you schedule a in store consultation you will receive a free coffee mug! Now who does't like FREE?

Wedding Registry Secrets From Bed Bath & Beyond

WEDDING registry secret #2

More FREE stuff! When your friends and family purchase particular brands from your Bed Bath & Beyond registry you will receive a FREE gift from that brand.

All you need to do is fill our the vendor redemption form and send it along with a copy of your registry. Learn more about The Freebook here.

Olivia & Oliver flatware

WEDDING registry secret #3

Looking to create your wedding registry super quick? No problem!  Bed Bath & Beyond has a quick collection of everything you will need to start your registry. From pots and pans to adorable dishes and barware.

Another great time saver is their wedding registry checklist. This checklist allows you to stay organized and ensure that your registry is on-point and that you did not forget anything.

Register for Everything Your Want ... Even Candles!
WEDDING registry secret #4

Register for everything! Yes ... even candles. Since you have quite a few up and coming events, think engagement parties your bridal shower and so on. Everyone attending is going to want to shower you with gifts and by creating a wedding registry with lots items  you are actually doing them a favor. 

Easily tell all your family and friends about your registry, by inserting one of Bed Bath & Beyond's announcement cards in your invites. To order, call 1-800-gobeyond or pick up personalized announcement cards in any Bed Bath & Beyond store.

Wedding Registry Secrets

wedding registry secret #5

Didn't get that Kitchen Aid Mixer you were dreaming about? No problem! With Bed Bath & Beyond's completion program you are given a discount on all the items that nobody gave you. Use the discount - once online and once in the store. Anytime up to three months after your event.

With all these secrets/perks you and your LOVE will the #happilyregistered with Bed Bath & Beyond. Click here to start your wedding registry.

#happilyregistered with Bed Bath & Beyond

wedding chicks registry picks

Here are just a few of our must-have items to add to your wedding registry from   Bed Bath & Beyond! Stay tuned for more registry picks! We are going to share how to easily  register for everything you need to create a Burger Bar.

Wedding Registry must have Calphalon Pots

Registering for pots and pans is a must! It's easier to register for a complete set than piece meal out different pots and pans. Not only does everything match, but you get a huge price break for buying the set. 

We are in LOVE with these Calphalon contemporary non stick pots and pans. Seriously nothing sticks. Check out the photos in the description here. The large boiling pot allows you to easily draw pasta. Such a great feature.

Another item I am crazy about right now is Joseph Joseph elevate utensils. There's a soft grip handle that prevents the head of the kitchen tool from touching the counter. Maximizes hygiene and minimizes mess. No Joke! This is the best invention ever.

Wedding Registry must have  Nespresso KitchenAid Coffee Maker

I am a die hard Nespresso fan! When I saw that there was KitchenAid version, I was super excited and immediately wanted it.

Not only does it match my KitchenAid mixer, but it's sturdy, super easy to use and it's not incredibly big. Bonus! It looks incredible on my counter. Can you tell I like it?

Wedding Registry must have  Olivia & Oliver flatware

I had stainless steel flatware like everyone else, and saved my pretty gold and black flatware for special occasions. Guess what? I gave the silver stuff away and now we only use our Olivia & Oliver flatware. Honestly ... food tastes better if you eat with a gold spoon. 

Wedding Registry must have  Kate Spade New York All in Good Taste Deco Dot Pitcher

We make ice tea all the time and had a plain glass pitcher. It looked so sad sitting in our fridge. Now our ice tea looks like a party in our  Kate Spade New York All in Good Taste Deco Dot Pitcher.

Of course, we had to get the  matching Kate Spade glasses. Not lying! Drinks really do taste better if the glass is uber cute.

Wedding Registry must have  KitchenAid Design Series in Pearl

Everyone should own a KitchenAid Mixer. It's such a life saver and one of those items you will have forever. They come in almost every color imaginable, allowing you to easily color coordinate your kitchen. If you're scared it is too big for your tiny space, they now have a  Mini KitchenAid Mixer (which by the way comes in flat black and looks awesome)! 

We have the  KitchenAid Design Series in Pearl with a glass bowl. It is so pretty, and you can see everything mixing as you make it.

Wedding Registry must have  His and Hers Kate Spade Glasses

Not only will someone be so excited to buy these Kate Spade Two of a Kind "His" and "Hers" beer glasses for you, but you're going to enjoy drinking out of them even more. 

It will be such a treasured moment when you toast to your love in a special glass.

Cisco In A Box

After you unwrap all your gifts, your fur baby can jump in the box and celebrate with you. We partnered with Bed Bath & Beyond to create and design this shoot. Want to see more Bed Bath & Beyond secrets? Check out Secrets To Throwing A Glamorous Stress Free Dinner Party here.