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The Art Of The Engagment Session!

The Art Of The Engagment Session!

Many wedding photographers include an engagement session in their wedding photography packages. It is a fabulous way for you to get to know your photographer in preparation for your big day.  In order to get your juices flowing, John Partridge  sent over some engagement inspiration as well as a few tips to consider before having your engagement photos taken!

- It is not the location that makes great engagement photos, it is the two of you and the special bond you share. But, it is fun to choose a meaningful location. Such as where you had your first date or possibly where where he proposed.

- Do not be nervous,  have fun and your photographer will make you look beautiful. You have a better chance of success by going out and having a fun, relaxed photo session than going for a serious, posed session.

- What should you wear? Choose something that represents your individual style! The goal of the engagement photo is to feature you both as you appear in your everyday life together.

- Another great way to use your engagement photo is to make an save the date out of it.
Here are some of our favorite engagement shots by John Partridge! The Art Of The Engagment Session!

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