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Sweet Treats + Vera Wang 2010 Fall Bridal

Sweet Treats + Vera Wang 2010 Fall Bridal

Happy Friday and of course thank you for visiting one of your favorite wedding blogs ... well at least we hope so. We have some especially scrumptious Sweet Treats for you to indulge in.

1. First off, we highly suggest you check out the wedding of Artemus and Nao over at Tales of a Junkaholic. Let us just say there is a wedding tent and some serious hand stitched DIY's that we are positive you will adore.

2. Eat Drink Chick has an adorable wedding love notes diy. A superb alternative to the traditional guest book.

3. We have a peachy keen stationer alert. Little Aviary designs custom wedding invitations. They are located in Ohio!

4. Sorry for the blatant self promotion but, as usual do not forget about our custom wedding totes. You will love our LA LA LOVE tote.

5. Ahh Vera Wang 2010 Fall Bridal Collection.

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