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How To Hire A Videographer!

Weddings By SML an, Orange County based video production house, shared a few hints on how to hire a Videographer. Along with the photographer this has been a popular purchase among brides. Your big day goes by so quickly, capturing all of the activities,  your ceremony and reception, on video will mean your wedding will be preserved for you and your family forever.
This video is no longer available to view. Please visit Weddings by SML on their website.

How To Hire A Videographer!

Hiring A Videographer!

- When getting started on your search, before you make any phone calls, check online for samples of work. Any reputable company will be more than happy to either provide you with a DVD sample via mail, or send you a link to where samples can be viewed online

- Once you've seen footage you love, give that company a call to setup an in-studio appointment. It is imperative that you meet the person who will be shooting your wedding in person so that you can get a feel as to how you are going to interact with them on your wedding day. The NUMBER TWO complaint I hear from Brides who have used other companies is that their videographer was overbearing at their wedding. Make sure you "click" with the company you are interviewing. Also, check to see if they have worked with any of your vendors. If you can book a videographer and photographer who work well together, it will give you more time to enjoy the company of your guests and it will amplify the quality of the final product you receive.

- So you have found the company you love, time to figure out the cost. You'll notice I didn't put cost up at the top because this is the NUMBER ONE mistake brides make. If you simply choose your videographer on the cost of their packages, I can personally guarantee you will be unhappy with the final product. While there is a bottom line to your budget, and you probably have a price range in mind, don't let it be the end-all be-all in choosing who is going to capture your special day. If it comes down to a couple hundred dollars difference between two companies, and you really like the work of the more expensive company, spring for the extra bucks. I promise, twenty years from now, when you watch your wedding day sitting next to your significant other and your children, you won't regret it.

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