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How To Choose Wallpaper For Your First Home Together As Newlyweds

How To Choose Wallpaper For Your First Home Together As Newlyweds

Decorating your home as a newlywed is different because now, you have to combine both of your visions into one idea that will give both parties joy and satisfaction. You have to look at both of your preferences and tastes to determine what will blend into a unified home. Your existing pieces and decorative accents can inspire wallpaper designs. It is from this that you choose an appropriate design for your home as newlyweds.

Types of Designs To Consider

As newlyweds, you deserve something romantic that will enlighten, rejuvenate, and entice. It should also be something you both love, which is why both parties should be involved in choosing the wallpaper. Ever Wallpaper is an excellent place to start while searching for the best design as newlyweds.

Style of the room

This should be taken into account before buying wallpaper. When it comes to the style of a room, there are four categories:

  • Casual- This style gives a relaxed feel. It is a simple and homey feel. Floral patterns are great for newlyweds who are relatively simple.
  • Traditional- This style goes perfectly with damask wallpapers since they have a conventional furnishing style.
  • Contemporary- This style makes a fashion statement. These days, it is a popular style and would be a great option for newlyweds.
  • Romantic- This style is the best option for newlyweds who are at the beginning of their love journey and are looking forward to making it grow. Floral designs can give any room a feeling of romance.

The color of the mural

Color plays a significant role in improving the style of the room. Light-colored wallpapers are suitable in dark rooms to bring in more light. The color also has to be selected according to the texture of the room. Warm colors give the room a warm feel and would therefore be appropriate in cold areas. They include colors such as orange, yellow, and red.

Why Choose Wallpaper?

  • They have different patterns and designs to choose from that can add personality to your house.
  • They are long-lasting compared to any other wall treatment, making them economical and easy to maintain.
  • You get the chance to customize wallpaper to your favorite things, thus speaking your mind. This also enhances one's creativity.
  • Give your house a certain quality that prevents daily wear and tear on the walls.

Here are some of our favorite wallpaper designs for newlyweds

Misty Mountain Wallpaper

How To Choose Wallpaper For Your First Home Together As Newlyweds

This simple mural will create a soothing effect on people and intrigue anyone who takes a look at it. It fits all areas, from the bedroom to the living room, and suits multiple styles. This would work perfectly for newlyweds.

Vintage flowers Wallpaper

How To Choose Wallpaper For Your First Home Together As Newlyweds

The beauty of these flowers will delight you and cast a spell on you. This wallpaper can be of use with different furniture styles. They are a sight to behold, and newlyweds could easily choose this wallpaper for their decor.

Castle Wallpaper

How To Choose Wallpaper For Your First Home Together As Newlyweds

Bring the beauty of the mountain to your space with this mural. With this tropical landscape and castle, the view from your living room is iconic. This would make a fabulous feature wall in your living room.

Peak Wallpaper

How To Choose Wallpaper For Your First Home Together As Newlyweds

This magnificent mural with autumn mountains creates a great feature wall in your interior. This beautiful mural of the majestic mountain range awash with pastel blue sky will make newlyweds feel happy every time they get out of bed.

Choosing a suitable wallpaper as newlyweds is another opportunity to come together as a couple. Ever Wallpaper has an incredible selection of options for any home. Wallpaper isn't just pretty, it's a great investment in the long run because it's long-lasting and economical. Ever Wallpaper offers different shapes, sizes, and colors, and couples can also customize to their desired design. Newlyweds can create something that combines both of their creative ideas–how fun?

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