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Artificer Wood Works brings you the wedding gift that keeps on giving

wedding anniversary wine box gift by Artificer Wood Works

Wedding season is in full swing and it can be so hard to come up with good gift ideas for all of your favorite couples. Well, we’ve got something that everyone will love–The Original Wedding Anniversary Wine Box from Artificer Wood Works. Pro Tip: if you’re also getting married these make great wedding day gifts for your soon-to-be hubby or wife. It may seem self-explanatory, but there’s so much more than meets the eye, so let’s get into why we love these babies so much!

a wedding gift that they’ll definitely use

custom anniversary wine box gift by Artificer Wood Works

Have you ever found yourself entering your credit card info on a department store website for something totally random that you know your friends will never actually use? Like that crystal butter dish–but they never entertain. Or the porcelain cake platter when they’ve literally never baked a thing in their life? Well, there’s one thing you know they like…wine. Who doesn’t? So, we love that this gift is flop-proof…even if you don’t find it on the registry. The best part is that every anniversary box holds three bottles of wine. One for their first, third, and fifth anniversaries. Then, you can gift a whole new box on their 10th!


wine box wedding gift by Artificer Wood Works

Artificer Wood Works does all the hard work for you–there are a ton of different great design templates to start with. From there you can customize names (first and last), dates, and even add photos to some. We’re partial to the Family Vintage Anniversary Wine Box, but you really can’t go wrong with any of these. From there you can add a nameplate to the back of the box and even put hidden messages inside each of the compartments–inside jokes, marriage advice, funny memories, it’s up to you!

secret message inside wine box wedding gift by Artificer Wood Works

photo anniversary wine box gift by Artificer Wood Works

a quality gift you can feel good about

custom monogram wine box wedding gift by Artificer Wood Works

All of these beautiful boxes are handcrafted in the USA and they’re designed to last. While they’ll finish the wine, the keepsake box is something they can keep and use forever. It will become a special part of their anniversary celebration, plus they’ll think of you every time they open it. It should also make you happy to know that Articer Wood Works plants a tree for every box sold! We’re not saying that gifting this box will save the planet…but we’re not not saying it…

The anniversary wine box is the gift that keeps on giving (literally)! How are we so positive that they’ll love it? Well, Artificer Wood Works has over 1200 5-star reviews!

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wooden keepsake box gift by Artificer Wood Works

They also have bridesmaid proposal boxes and keepsake boxes that are completely adorbs, if we do say so.

We partnered with Artificer Wood Works to bring you this great wedding gift idea. As always, thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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