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Adding Alexa to Your Amazon Wedding Registry Is Just So Smart

Adding Alexa to Your Amazon Wedding Registry Is Just So Smart Registry Item:

Okay, so EVERYONE is eligible to register with Amazon for their wedding, but if you’ve been a long-time lover of the brand, you probably made that decision as soon as you got engaged (have engagement ring, need to register with Amazon, something like that). Maybe you and your fiancé kismetly fell in love while vacationing side by side with your Kindles, perhaps your lovebug’s been growing ever since you started binging Man In the High Castle a few years ago. In any case, once you say “I Do” to an Amazon Wedding Registry, you can go all in on a number of niche registry categories - and our favorite, hands down, is the smart home category. We put together some of our top techy picks to add to your registry, and we swear this will be the only time we encourage another woman getting involved in anything wedding related. Her name is Alexa, and we promise, her presence in the home won’t just be welcomed, it’ll be wanted by bothhh parties.

Alexa and your time together.

It sounds a little counterintuitive to think that inviting someone/something else into your newlywed home is a great idea, but listen, Alexa is the only exception. Not only will she bring joy and a sense of calm, order, and relaxation to everything - she’ll also bring the two of you closer, because everything with Alexa attached to it is meant to be shared and experienced together. 🙌🙌🙌

Hard day at work?

Adding Alexa to Your Amazon Wedding Registry Is Just So Smart Registry Item:

Pour a few glasses of wine (you already have your kitchen stocked up), queue up your Echo Show with some rage music if you need, and restock all your guilty pleasures in your pantry - any form of chocolate Pop Tart will do....

Ready to turn up movie night?

Adding Alexa to Your Amazon Wedding Registry Is Just So Smart Registry Item:

We like doing it with some popcorn that’s popped in a smart microwave. Oh, and then when your supply is starting to drain, you can sign up to automatically reorder your kernels and save 10% on popcorn orders. There’s even a popcorn button that ensures beautifully-popped, airy bites. Yum.

Want to enhance that bedroom mood?

Adding Alexa to Your Amazon Wedding Registry Is Just So Smart Registry Item:

Fights are bound to happen. For better or for worse, right? But when they do happen, it’s always best to make up and find common ground again. In considering your registry, a few things that could make the ‘first’ fight a little more tolerable might be some items for the bedroom. Some music to tune out your troubles, you can stream it on your Victrola Bluetooth Wood Speaker Stand (great multi-use nightstand and such an awesome aesthetic), time-out TV time? Ask Alexa to turn on the TV with your Echo Dot, and how about some aromatherapy to reduce your stress, combat your daily burnout, and just enhance your mood overall? The Smart Wifi Wireless Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser (that works with Alexa) is all you need.

Need to get that newlywed routine in gear?

Adding Alexa to Your Amazon Wedding Registry Is Just So Smart Registry Item:

Register for Amazon’s Smart Plug and start organizing your life a little bit - especially when you might have a new home together and don’t feel all that settled yet. This plug, which works with Alexa, lets you schedule lights, turn appliances on and off, and control things while you’re away (which is great for the couple who loves to travel, go out, and either don’t want kids at all or want to give themselves a couple years before they start growing their family - getting those safety features on lock in advance is major!).

And even when you need some “me” time, you can still do it together. 

Adding Alexa to Your Amazon Wedding Registry Is Just So Smart Registry Item:

Adding Alexa to Your Amazon Wedding Registry Is Just So Smart Registry Item:

You in one room, your guy or girl in another, and your Kindle Oasis (Amazon’s best Kindle EVER) in hand - the couple that reads together stays together, for sure. And this one is legit stacked, with the largest, highest resolution display, Audible capabilities (for when you want to listen to an audiobook with bae), an amazingly thin and light ergonomic design, and an insane charge that doesn’t last hours, it lasts weeks.

Champagne gold for her, graphite for him, or vice versa!

enjoy these wedding registry benefits from amazon:

  • There are no limits with your registry. None. So, you can shop for travel experiences, Kindles, festive flatware, all under one convenient registry platform.

  • You can register for anything not available on Amazon, too. Just take advantage of the universal registry and add gifts from any other site on the internet.

  • Once you’re done registering, after your wedding, receive up to 20% off as a special completion discount for any items left on your registry.

  • 180-day returns, so don’t stress if you’re not sure whether a gift is fitting your vibe very well (you have time).

  • If you’ve got Amazon Prime, you can qualify for FREE two-day shipping on eligible registry items.

  • Group gifting is a cinch - so don’t feel badly about cranking up your price points, you can get several people to share in the costs.

  • Free bonus gifts. Not much to say here, you’ll just get some perks when your guests make purchases and/or your register for items from select vendors.

  • Oh! And you can scope out your gifts without actually even opening them up. Package X-ray, gosh we love you.

  • Plus, Amazon takes copious notes about who purchases your gifts / what they are and when they’ve been bought, so that you can send out thank you notes ASAP. 

One of the best gifts I ever received when I was getting married was a basket full of wine bottles, each tagged with a milestone of ‘firsts’ me and my future husband would happily face in our married life [together]. From first fight to first dinner party, first anniversary to first baby, these occasions usually feel pretty far out to most brides, as they’re opening their gifts at the bridal shower, but they’re also warmly looked forward to - especially as a couple looks beyond their wedding and into their married life - the good, the bad, the ugly, the sad, but by far, the raddest adventure they’ll ever take together. While the gift wasn’t something I put on my registry, it certainly inspires me to think about the items every couple needs to start their married life together and enjoy each day that follows.

And Alexa-powered items from Amazon’s Wedding Registry certainly cover whatever milestone a couple is celebrating - be it first home, first fight, first dinner party, even first baby (hey! No rush, but whenever you’re ready for it, Amazon is ready to help you register for that #somethingblue or pink!). There are truly so many things that the retailer and wedding registry titan has on site for a couple getting married to carry into their new lives together - we’ve only just scratched the surface…. Register now!

We partnered with Amazon to give couples a great wedding registry to consider for their best married lives. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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