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Amazon’s Wedding Registry Is [Camp]Fire for the Outdoorsy Couple

Amazon's Glamping Registry Is [Camp]Fire for the Outdoorsy Couple Rug:

Getting engaged is a fun time, really, for so many reasons - but one of the best things about tying the knot so soon is being able to register for gifts. ((And it’s totally OK to feel good about it, because marriage is a big deal - you more than deserve some new things to kickstart your lives together)). We’ve been fans of Amazon’s Wedding Registry for quite some time, but above and beyond the routine registry call of duty, they have so many gift and gadget categories to match a couple's interests, hobbies, and guilty pleasures. One that we’re particularly amped about? Their glamping gems! Amazon’s glamping gift category is created for couples who already have everything they could ever want to start nesting, but are ready to create experiences and memories by going outdoors. And there’s no limit to the types of gifts newlyweds with penchants for chic camping can get. Guests who might not know what glamping even is could wonder what they’re spending money on - but because Amazon makes its registry so quick, intuitive, and easy-to-use, they can rest assured they’ll be buying something the couple will be super psyched about!

Amazon's Glamping Registry Is [Camp]Fire for the Outdoorsy Couple Kettle:

Amazon's Glamping Registry Is [Camp]Fire for the Outdoorsy Couple Coffee Press:

What’s glamping about in 2019…

Any Grey’s Anatomy fans out there? Glamping is basically the equivalent of what Jackson and Maggie did in the final few episodes of last season. The gorgeous outdoors, serenity, a break from saving peoples’ lives, and an opportunity to connect with nature (which wasn’t exactly on Maggie’s bucket list, but something that boyfriends/girlfriends do for their partners when they’re preparing for new relationship milestones / they take an interest in their interests, they try - at least - to broaden their own horizons).

It’s funny, camping means a lot to me and my hubby, because both sets of our parents actually camped for their honeymoons wayyyy back when. Granted, glamping wasn’t even a thing back in the late 70s and 80s, but the fact of the matter is that what attracts people to the experience is generally the same, no matter if you’re straight-up roughing it or having a more relaxing rendition of it. You want to go off the grid a bit, forge a better bond with the world around you, share the more simplified setting with your soulmate, and create longstanding memories that will stick with you forever. If it involves skinny dipping, s’mores, and some kind of brewed booze out of a glamp-worthy growler, well then it’s perfection.

Amazon's Glamping Registry Is [Camp]Fire for the Outdoorsy Couple Fire Pit:

Amazon's Glamping Registry Is [Camp]Fire for the Outdoorsy Couple Ice Bucket:

If you also happen to be a music festival-friendly pair... why wouldn’t you want to register for some must-haves to get you through this season's summer concert series and before next year’s spring sizzle lineup. If one of your hopes and dreams following your happily-ever-after is to wander, meet other adventurers, and soak up all that being outside has to offer, then you’d obvi want to have a pretty inviting and trendy glamping set up. Amazon’s got it.

Some ideas if you’re 👍 about a glamping registry:
  • There aren’t any rules anymore when it comes to relationships, “gender roles,” what have you, so as much as we love the idea of a traditional bridal shower, you can totally go co-ed with this celebration.

  • Add items that both of you want onto your Amazon registry and invite both sets of friends and family. Then, bring everyone together for a ridiculously-fun “Stock for Under the Stars” party (our take on the trendy Stock the Bar Party).

  • Creating a theme like this will also help guests - young, old, etc. - to understand your wish list more, especially if they can experience a little of the magic alongside you. That’s really the only way to get to know a Flame Genie, right?!?!

  • Cozy pillows will make for a great night of sleep - our faves are these Lifewit pillows.

  • Last tip: if you’re already planning an outdoorsy, weekend wedding, invite all the people who matter to you to go glamping the night before your wedding, and bring some of your new registry wins with you. #rehearsaldinnergoals start here…

Amazon's Glamping Registry Is [Camp]Fire for the Outdoorsy Couple Blanket:

Amazon's Glamping Registry Is [Camp]Fire for the Outdoorsy Couple Insulated Mugs:

The Amazon glamping ground goes WAY beyond traditional tent and trail treasures, and here are some other benefits:

  • There are no limits with your registry. None. So, you can shop for anything you deem necessary for your glamping ventures, all under one convenient registry platform.

  • You can register for anything not available on Amazon, too. Just take advantage of the universal registry and add gifts from any other site on the internet (yes, even the hardcare camping retailers).

  • Once you’re done registering, after your wedding, receive up to 20% off as a special completion discount for any items left on your registry.

  • 180-day returns, so don’t stress if you’re not sure whether a gift is fitting your vibe very well (you have time).

  • If you’ve got Amazon Prime, you can qualify for FREE two-day shipping on eligible registry items.

  • Group gifting is a cinch - so don’t feel badly about cranking up your price points, you can get several people to share in the costs… and glamping does have a luxe look to it…

  • Free bonus gifts. Not much to say here, you’ll just get some perks when your guests make purchases and/or your register for items from select vendors.

  • Oh! And you can scope out your gifts without actually even opening them up. Package X-ray, gosh we love you.

  • Plus, Amazon takes copious notes about who purchases your gifts / what they are and when they’ve been bought, so that you can send out thank you notes ASAP.

Amazon's Glamping Registry Is [Camp]Fire for the Outdoorsy Couple Pillow:

If you’re glamping go-getters, you’ve probably already started a list of new stuff you’re in need of - but since it’s summer, the best time to get outside and nuzzle up with nature, why not take an engagement-moon to really get an accurate account of what you have / what you want / and how Amazon can organize it for you! 👉 Create your registry now and check out some of Amazon’s most popular wedding gifts (if you’ll be supplementing that glamping guide of yours).


We partnered with Amazon to give couples a great wedding registry to consider for their best married lives. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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