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5 Reasons You’ll Want a Home Design Expert Helping You With Your Wedding Registry

5 Reasons You’ll Want a Home Design Expert Helping You With Your Wedding Registry

Okay, brides, it’s absolutely one of those days when we’ve had a holy s*** lightbulb go full-on glow in our brains before 10AM and had to rethink ALL the things in our lives (actually, not going to lie, it’s happened a few times since working from home became business as usual, but I digress). This time, it’s about wedding registries - which we haven’t covered in a while, tbh. Engagements are still happening (yayyy), events are still being planned, and weddings are still going off without [a major] hitch, because couples and vendors and tastemakers in this business of love are getting things done and creating magic with as little worry as possible. With that said, since we’ve been proceeding without too much interruption, it stands to reason that with all systems go for weddings, gift wish lists and registries likewise go on. And when we tell you about this brand-new offering from DMF Interiors Creator and Founder, Deborah Fribourg, you’re going to forget all about that in-store scanner. That’s right, this is your new nesting secret weapon…

Take this registry home-curating blueprint as your #somethingblue

DMF Interiors is thrilled to launch Curate Your Registry, a first-of-its-kind service designed to help couples create the wedding registries of their dreams, to offer shoppers support when they’re choosing housewarming gifts for family members or friends, and/or to give direction to anyone in search of products to revamp their home essentials and decor. The creator and founder of DMF Interiors, Deborah Fribourg, realized some time ago that her expertise was needed and wanted by clients well beyond her immediate interior design circles. 

5 Reasons You’ll Want a Home Design Expert Helping You With Your Wedding Registry

5 Reasons You’ll Want a Home Design Expert Helping You With Your Wedding Registry

“I’ve always had a passion for kitchen gadgets, beautiful houseware, and tableware. My closest friends and family have always asked/ask me to help them with their registries, and I thought it was time to share my passion with everyone. Especially now, with the pandemic, it’s much more difficult and tedious to go to a store just to browse for hours. However, couples are still tying the knot and having virtual showers, and we want to help them build their dream home without ever pressuring them to step foot into a store. All of the products we source and recommend are tried and true and within any budget that the couple desires. A lot of times people just return things on their registries and that uninspired store credit lies in wait for ages. Our goal is to make sure you are getting everything you need and want the first time around, so you can avoid all of the hassle that follows with returns, exchanges, etc.” ~ Deborah Fribourg

Why you’ll want a registry like this versus the alternatives

Again, we are so not in the game of throwing shade at registry models that have obviously done tremendous things for couples tying the knot over the last few decades. It’s just always nice to have #somethingnew to turn to…

5 Reasons You’ll Want a Home Design Expert Helping You With Your Wedding Registry

You get an expert.

Let’s be honest, traditionally couples who register for their weddings will either have help from a “bridal” or “wedding” concierge in the registry department of the store or need to make due with their decisions and selections entirely on their own. With DMF Interiors’s new launch, you’ll get access to an interior design guru and her talented team of home look curators.

Straight from the source, directly from an icon of interiors:

“I know it can be overwhelming and daunting to make the decisions on what you want to fill your home with. Whether you’re looking for help with picking out home decor for your space or selecting items for your wedding registry, I want to help.” ~ Deborah Fribourg 

You get recommendations over requisites.

This is something that we’ve even written about in the past, at length, actually - it involves those checklists, those registry guidelines, those X things you need in your home as newlyweds pieces of content. It’s helpful to have a kind of roadmap for outfitting your home or making your repertoire a bit more robust, totally, 100 percent. That said, when you’re going through a store and literally adding things to your master registry, room by room, you can end up limiting yourself or at the very least, stifling some of the more creative finds.

With DMFI’s Curate Your Registry service, you’ll get product and category recommendations, but they won’t be prescriptive - you have the control.

5 Reasons You’ll Want a Home Design Expert Helping You With Your Wedding Registry

You get a personalized point-of-view.

Even the most modern registries say they’re tailoring for you and your particular needs as a couple, but it’s a bit of an exaggeration. That’s why we love Curate Your Registry, because every package (offered at three dynamic service levels) starts with a dedicated questionnaire to understand your style/needs.Your responses set the tone for everything that comes after rather than only having your ‘we’re getting married’ status as a qualifier.

You get informed feedback.

Again, going back to that earlier point about the beauty of having an expert at your disposal: Deborah and her team don’t play favorites and they don’t have ‘pre-approved’ brands that they’re going to push; instead, they provide thoughtful and intentional design guidance over endorsement. And if you have questions, not just about the products you’re thinking about, but about how or which items will fit best in YOUR home and why, they’ll give you their honest and helpful opinions.

A bit about Deborah: raised in a household with eclectic treasures – from Tribal Aboriginal Masks to 19th Century French Lithographs, Deborah has an unparalleled ability to incorporate unexpected yet elevated vignettes into her designs making her work truly unique. As the founder of DMF Interiors, she elegantly combines clean modern elements with colorful bohemian furnishings, creating warm and stylish living spaces. So, you’ll be getting advice that’s nuanced and cultured and definitely not cookie-cutter.

5 Reasons You’ll Want a Home Design Expert Helping You With Your Wedding Registry

You get time.

This is our biggest love overall, because built into their moderate to higher-tiered services are benefits like ‘unlimited emails’ and ‘follow up calls.’ That’s the mark of a true collaboration and resource when you need it most - one that doesn’t leave you behind, but keeps you going, keeps you inspired, and keeps evolving and nurturing your tastes.

Take a peek at DMF Interiors's new Curate Your Registry offering and don't hesitate to get in touch as you start considering your wedding registry. 

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We partnered with DMF Interiors to bring you a really major wedding registry idea that leads with EXPERT home styling intel. As always, thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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