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You Can Start Being More Earth-Conscious With Your Engagement Ring

You Can Start Being More Earth-Conscious With Your Engagement Ring

It really is such a shame that as a society we have to wait until Earth Day to have conversations about sustainability and eco-friendliness. But that being said, if you find yourself wondering how to become a much more social and environmentally-conscious person, you can start very simply — especially if you’re approaching that exciting ‘about to take the next step’ time in your relationship. Grown Brilliance, one of our favorite brands providing exceptional alternatives to traditionally-mined diamonds, is a phenomenal place to get on board with more ethical and socially-responsible shopping practices. So, if you’re looking to propose to your special someone or anxiously looking for a way to float the idea to your S.O., read on to learn more about Grown Brilliance.

The Brilliance Behind the Brand 

You Can Start Being More Earth-Conscious With Your Engagement Ring

If you’re not already caught up on what transpires in the jewelry industry, when it comes to natural diamonds, take this to heart. The process of traditionally securing mined diamonds is known to be very destructive to the environment; it comes at a high cost to both the earth and you, as the consumer.

When a diamond is mined, some 250 tons of earth are shifted for each carat. And every year, 148 million carats are mined. These mines are so massive that they can be viewed from space, contributing to various problems like air pollution, water pollution, ecosystem loss and damage, greenhouse gas emissions, and the like. In a word, it’s a cataclysmic cycle.

You Can Start Being More Earth-Conscious With Your Engagement Ring

On the other hand, lab-created diamonds are remarkable in quality and created in highly-controlled laboratory environments — above the ground — that use advanced technological processes duplicating conditions in the earth (while minimizing impacts to natural resources). They exhibit the same fire, scintillation, and sparkle. Grown Brilliance strives to grow the finest quality diamonds at incredibly significant savings, and when that brilliance is guaranteed, why not opt for an engagement ring with safe, truthful, transparent, and green origins?

And the Coolness of Your Ring 

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We’ve used the term ‘lab grown’ before, but since we’re on the subject of Earth Day, let’s dive into that a little more (because your diamond is legit growing, and it’s really. stinking. cool). Grown Brilliance starts with a diamond seed set in carbon-rich conditions inside a growth chamber. Using their exclusive growth technique, the seed develops into a rough diamond, which is then master crafted into a lovely, sparkling precious stone that can be woven into the engagement ring setting of your dreams. No two lab-grown diamonds are identical — seriously, it’s impossible to create replicas — so you can be proud of your unique, completely original piece of jewelry. 

These GB Ring Owners Are 

“My ring is beautiful. It sparkles so pretty and catches a lot of eyes when I'm away from home. Beautiful work and design. I purchased my second ring already!” ~ Karen

“Quality looks good. Their customer service is exceptional. Quick response to any questions I had!” ~ Ryan

You Can Start Being More Earth-Conscious With Your Engagement Ring

Being an ally to earth and Mother Nature is challenging, 100 percent, but if you want to make a change this year, going with a lab-grown engagement ring is a ridiculously-easy (and STUNNING) way to start. Shop Grown Brilliance engagement rings right now!


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