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Will a Grey Engagement Ring Work for You?

Kristin Coffin Jewelry Grey Moissanite Collection - Vintage Jewelry

How amazing is it that engagement rings no longer have to subscribe to the white diamond rule? We’ve looked at black diamonds, blue sapphires and rainbow-colored gemstones in the last few months, but our grey obsession might have them all beat. We chatted with Kristin Coffin, the girl boss behind Kristin Coffin Jewelry, who also happens to loveee the look of grey stones - and she gave us a rundown on her own Iconic Moissanite collection. We put together a few q’s to help you decide if going grey is the only way for you, but let’s be honest, anyyy of these can work as statement fashion/cocktail rings - you don’t have to be getting married to slay with one on your finger!

To start, answer these five questions with a simple ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ or check the answer that most applies to you

What are your fashion decisions usually driven by?

  1. Trends

  2. Individual taste

How do you feel about Art Deco vibes?

  1. All about them

  2. Eh, I’d rather just read about/watch them in The Great Gatsby

What matters most to you about your engagement ring?

  1. Its sparkle

  2. Its wearability

Would you ever consider mixing metals with your wedding band?

  1. YEP

  2. Nah, I like to match my metals

How do you feel about conflict-free stones and recycled materials?

  1. 👍

  2. 👎

If you said your fashion decisions were mostly considered with your individual tastes in mind, and you’d be happy rocking an everyday wearable, lab-grown+environmentally-conscious Art Deco-inspired engagement ring, with a mixed metal wedding band… then you’d def be down for a gorgeous grey-stone sparkler. Everyone else can stick to the basics 😉 JK. Rollin’ with a grey ring only takes confidence. If you have it, you can wear the s*** out of this look.

Kristin Coffin has been working with natural grey moissanite gems for years, and although her primary spring for these special grey stones, Charles & Colvard, dried up and stopped producing them a few years ago, (understandably so) because the crystal growing process is INSANELY hard to control - she’s made it her mission to keep the 🔥 alive on her own. She spent over a year hunting for a straight-up solid source for these grey-hued beauties, and finally found one to support her talented team of stone cutters.

((She still has a reserve of C&C rare grey moissanites, but you'll have to act fast on these, as the stock is starting to dwindle!)) 

Kristin Coffin Jewelry Iconic Emerson Grey Moissanite Diamond Halo (1.93 CT) Featured Ring:

Now, she’s got the sickest cache of grey moissanites around. Her new Iconic grey moissanite collection rivals the color and clarity of any grey that she or we have ever seen, and we want in on this color party really badly. Especially because these stones have unmatched versatility, they’re chameleon-like AF, and Kristin has an amazing read on the hue cues and how a grey ring radiates best.

“Iconic greys can range in shade from a warmer dove-grey to a deeper smoky grey. The warmer greys are gorgeous in rose and yellow golds, while the smoky grey pairs beautifully in white gold and platinum… In addition to the subtle differences in color from one stone to the next, each individual grey is also very chameleon-like. A single grey moissanite can shift from warmer to cooler, and lighter to darker depending on the light source. For example, grey moissanite appears lighter and warmer outdoors on a cloudy or overcast day. Whereas indoors under artificial lighting, they appear very dark, deep, and moody. Outdoors on a sunny day or in the shade, and they'll have a more bluish undertone… And your Iconic grey will also shift in depth and hue as it travels with you out in the world!”

Can you say mood jewelry mode?!?! 

Kristin Coffin Jewelry Celeste Pear Moissanite Diamond Hale (1.82 CT) Featured Ring:

We’re officially in love with KC jewelry and we might even start calling her Kristin Grey…. I mean, how sexy are these shades of grey stunners anyway? If you’re as mesmerized by the transformable tones in these moissanite stones as we are, you should probably start shopping now!

And don’t forget to follow Kristin Coffin Jewelry on IG to peep all the #iconicmoissanite IRL

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We partnered with Kristin Coffin Jewelry to get these grey rings on your radar. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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