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Unique Engagement Rings Are Some of Los Angeles Jeweler Barkev’s Bests

Unique Engagement Rings Are Some of Los Angeles Jeweler Barkev’s Bests

The start of engagement season is just two weeks away, so with ring trend stories on the horizon, we thought it’d be a great time to talk about styles that don’t just stun for their sparkle. That’s the thing, too, when you think about the merits of an engagement ring, how mesmerizingly brilliant it is is often one of the first points of interest. But what we love about Los Angeles jeweler Barkev’s, is that the brand’s luxurious options aren’t limited to dazzling diamonds. Their best sellers include both natural and lab-created diamond rings, along with solid and mixed metal settings, and several types of accenting gemstones. Just take a peek at their Instagram feed, you’ll see what we mean about unique. Not to mention, as we get closer to the holidays, it’s amazing to see a grid light up with bright and colorful looks - because basic white can get really boring (whoops)...

Barkev’s beginnings.

Unique Engagement Rings Are Some of Los Angeles Jeweler Barkev’s Bests

From initial design to finished product, every Barkev's piece is luxury handcrafted from the City of Angels. By overseeing each and every aspect of production, the team is committed to upholding the highest standards of quality in fine jewelry.

Always fashion forward. Barkev’s expert designers are in constant pursuit of new trends and innovative ideas. Truly, there have been so many instances of the jewelry industry shifting toward a direction they’ve pioneered, but by then, they’ve already moved on — that’s the reality when staying ahead of the curve is part of your design genius DNA.

Elegant, but not suffocated style. Although they’ve risen to fame with their uniquely-elegant designs, Barkev's also specializes in exclusive color stones, marquee stones, and black diamonds that aren’t your typical proposal season selfie stand-ins. They stand out with surprising emblems for the modern couple getting married, from classic beauty to more contemporary luxury. 

Unique Engagement Rings Are Some of Los Angeles Jeweler Barkev’s Bests

Why unique doesn’t have to be scary. 

We’ve probably all said that we’ve wanted something “super unique” at one point or another in our lives, but when you’re using those qualifiers to scout out an engagement ring — something that you’ll hopefully have for the long haul — you’ll want to be sure that your unique choice isn’t just to be unique. Your ring needs to resonate with you, it needs to feel like an extension of your personal style, and it needs to be special, and yes, alternative, but not so much that you wear it with pride and excitement for the first few years and then find yourself bored with it after some time.

Unique Engagement Rings Are Some of Los Angeles Jeweler Barkev’s Bests

You can say you want something unique, but when the “what ifs” start creeping in: What if the colors don’t vibe with my wardrobe or what I wear on the regular, what if the dual or tri-tonalities in my metals are too aggressive, what if a more ornate setting ends up being exactly what I don’t want, it becomes harder and harder to make a commitment. Luckily, Barkev’s has some built-in best practices that make opting for the unique a lot more comfortable and confidence-building.

You can request a sample of your chosen product to try on at-home before  you make the big purchase. 

All you need to do is provide a $200 fully-refundable deposit; shipping is free back and forth.

You can go with a promise ring in your preferred style before the engagement ring. 

A promise ring is steeped in the same intent-to-marry tradition as an engagement ring; however, a promise ring doesn’t catalyze the same pressure and expectations that a proposal can in its wake. You’ll still reach a milestone that enriches your love, and have that promise of wedded bliss to come, but your ring doesn’t have to be the end-all be-all. Maybe you’ll want an engagement ring that matches later, maybe you’ll want something that’s similar but a little more elevated or grown-up in style, or maybe it’ll just keep your ring finger occupied and your heart full until you get that all-important ask (at which time, it becomes the first keepsake in your wedding keepsake/memory box).

Unique Engagement Rings Are Some of Los Angeles Jeweler Barkev’s Bests

Barkev’s or Best Man/Maid of Honor? You can trust in both.

“Barkev's was absolutely the best experience we've had with an online purchase! Vatche is a true professional and treated us with care and concern. Our first wedding set purchase was from a different online site and we later found the ring was fake. Vatche understood our concern and answered every question we had quickly and honestly. He provided information on the different options for a center stone and gave updates during the production. Vatche even made the deadline for my birthday so my husband could place a ring on my finger that he was proud of, and had confidence in its authenticity! We chose Barkev's because of the unique style and design they offered. We will stay with Barkev's for future purchases because of Vatche's commitment to his customer and their experience - we can't say THANK YOU enough to him for making this purchase such a positive experience!” ~ Leslie J.

“After ordering our ring my fiance and I decided to have a quick ceremony. I contacted Barkev's to see if we could get the ring sooner than the estimated time. Vatche contacted me right away and let me know that because of the ring I ordered it was actually going to be an extra week or two. Knowing how important a ring is to any couple he offered to send me another ring to stand in for mine until they could get it done. Needless to say, I was very impressed with him and Barkev's! Customer service like this is not very common. I have now received my ring and am very impressed with it. I would recommend Barkev's to anyone looking for a ring.” ~ Steve A.

Gift with purchase and savings you can sign up for.

Unique Engagement Rings Are Some of Los Angeles Jeweler Barkev’s Bests

Even if you’re not in the market for a promise or engagement ring right now, Barkev’s offers a wide variety of fine jewelry like gemstone and diamond necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and studs. For every purchase of $1500 and above, you’ll receive a free pair of moissanite stud earrings. 


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