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Tiny Engagement Rings Are Kind of Having a Big Moment

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What do you get when you post a photo of a sweet-yet-modest engagement ring, with a caption that reads “Imagine finally being proposed to & this is the ring you’re given” and a mocking trail of tear-flowing emojis for extra effect… a sh*tstorm of shame right back atcha. That’s what you get.

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A self-proclaimed Twitter troll really just wanted to stir up some drama, when she posted this triggering tweet a few weeks back and got put on major blast by women loud and proud about their tiny-but-mighty rings. Comments literally poured in from brides-to-be, those just-married and long-time wives defending their engagement jewelry (yep, not always rings!) while simultaneously championing their soulmates, sweethearts and suitors alike. And all we can say about this is 🙌, because it’s about damn time that size was reconsidered as a requisite for a rave-worthy ring.

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In its shopping guide of fresh trends, highlighting what’s haute and hot RN, Etsy called out the edge these non-traditional engagement rings have on “boulder-size diamonds,” noting that “With today’s young couples investing more in life experiences and less in over-the-top ceremonies and budget-busting rings,” big rocks as a measure of status are fading fast. And the implications aren’t limited to cost-conservation alone; rather, there are newly-adored aesthetics in hued gemstones and on-point personalization afforded by mixed-metal settings, smaller, non-traditionally shaped stones and buildable bands.

“The overall style of the piece should reflect the couple's aesthetics,” says gemologist and owner of L. Priori Jewelry, Lauren Priori. “Smaller stone rings fit with the current trend of stackable rings -- it's not uncommon for a bride to wear two or three wedding bands, a look that's easier to achieve with a dainty engagement ring."

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We did some more mining of our own to round up some of the most epic itsy-bitsy engagement rings - and we’re not going to lie…. They are as STUNNING as they are simple. Plus, several also have great design stories, so what this Twitter troll would say they lack in stone-size they 100 percent make up for in originality and sentimentality.

Not to mention, when it really comes down to it, the ring is just the icing on the cake! Getting engaged and taking a new step forward with each other, those are the much bigger priorities at play…

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“The engagement ring is still a very important part of the engagement process. Both parties love what it outwardly represents – commitment and deep love for one another,” says Amanda Gizzi, spokesperson for not-for-profit trade association, Jewelers of America. “What the engagement ring looks like has evolved. The ring can be traditional with a large diamond or a small diamond. It might be a colored gemstone or a non-traditional settings. Large or small, diamond or gemstone – the symbol of the ring is what matters.”

We’re just about ready to trade our traditional sparklers for something more subtle… just sayin’. 85 Alternative Engagement Ring Ideas.

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