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The Most Unique and Amazing Engagement Rings

The Most Unique and Amazing Engagement Rings of 2022

Engagement rings are a big deal, and they're also a huge investment. So when you're shopping for a ring, it's important to get something that's uniquely you—and that your partner is going to love.

Luckily, there are more options than ever when it comes to unique engagement rings, and we've rounded up some of the most beautiful, interesting, and unique engagement rings of 2022. We we think you'll find something that speaks to you or your partner in this list. We're going to kick off the list with a stunner from Aether Diamonds.

The Double Diamond Ring

Unique and Amazing Engagement Rings of 2022- Aether Diamonds Horizon Double Diamond Ring

The horizon of the Double Diamond ring concept is mirrored not only in its external design but also in its energetic intention. In a world of endless possibility, you are the one who creates your unique destiny by the choices you make. Mirrored both physically and conceptually, the Double Diamond ring symbolizes infinity. Alchemized from the air and paired together by a unique band, two pear or cushion-cut diamonds exit in perfect balance.

The Horizon Double Diamond Ring by Aether Diamonds

The Eaves Cluster

The Most Unique and Amazing Engagement Rings of 2022 - Bario Neal Eaves Cluster The Most Unique and Amazing Engagement Rings of 2022 - Bario Neal Eaves Cluster

Next up is The Eaves Cluster from Bario Neal, and I just had to show you how it pairs so beautifully with their Burst Cluster Diamond Band. I love this look!

All Bario Neal jewelry is handmade. Their design is inspired by the natural world and set with ethically sourced materials. All of their designs are contemporary, unique, and simply beautiful.

The Eaves Cluster by Bario Neal
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The Most Unique and Amazing Engagement Rings vintageinspiredengaementring

This is an "it girl" engagement ring. Sleek, stylish, and incredibly chic. A vintage-inspired engagement ring set in your choice of an antique old mine cushion-cut diamond in an 18k yellow gold setting. Beyond beautiful.

This beyond beautiful engagement ring can be yours from Erstwhile, who specializes in antique and vintage jewelry spanning 100 years. Launching in 2010 with the unique vintage engagement rings, bands later expanded to a namesake collection of handcrafted engagement rings inspired by their love of vintage, all set with antique cut diamonds.

Vintage-inspired Golden Astrid set with an antique old mine cushion-cut diamond in an 18k yellow gold setting from Erstwhile.
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The Twist Engagement Ring

Unique and Amazing Engagement Rings of 2022 - Jewelry byJohan

If you could sum up Jewelry by Johan in three words, it would be -unique engagement rings. Their jewelry is handcrafted in the USA and 100% eco-friendly, and can be modified to your liking. They're known for incorporating special alternative metals into their jewelry, including titanium, tungsten carbide, Damascus stainless steel, and ceramic.

You'll find unconventional elements sprinkled into their designs like exotic woods, dinosaur bones, antlers, and meteorites. Yes, you read that correctly, dinosaur bones.You can guarantee that your ring will be gorgeous, but it will be one-of-a-kind.

The Twisted Engagement Ring from Jewelry by Johan
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The Scrying Mirror

Amazing Engagement Rings of 2022 - The North Way Studio Emerald Ring Amazing Engagement Rings of 2022 - The North Way Studio Emerald Ring

Visit The North Way Studio, and allow yourself to be transported to a world of wonder. You'll find reclaimed and refined ethical golds, and consciously-sourced jewels. Their pieces are incredibly captivating, but I was especially was drawn to The Srying Mirror Petite Ring in Emerald. This unique engagement ring is woven together in effervescent emeralds and hand-carved gilded leaves. Ideal for the believer of magic and all things Fae.

The Scrying Mirror Petite Ring in Emerald by The North Way Studio
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The Green Sapphire

Unique and Amazing Engagement Rings - Green Sapphire

Since I am on a green kick, this Australian green sapphire engagement ring (since the sapphire is from Australia, it is even more fabulous) caught my eye from Vinny and Charles. This rare beauty nests beauty two sparkling round diamonds, and each of the gemstones is hand-picked just for you.

Rest assured, your made-to-order engagement ring was ethically made, and Vinny and Charles will plant a tree with each piece of jewelry purchased.

The Green Sapphire by Vinny and Charles
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The Toi et Moi

Unique and Amazing Engagement Rings of 2022 - Vrai Toi et Moi Unique and Amazing Engagement Rings of 2022 - Vrai Toi et Moi

This exceptionally gorgeous engagement ring from VRAI looks fancy and has a beautiful name, The Toi et Moi. In French, this translates to "you and me."

Make the ring all your own by customizing the metal of the band and the combination of two shapes. Fun fact VRAI created the world's first diamonds grown with zero emissions.

The Toi et Moi from VRAI
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The Grey Moissanite

The Most Unique and Amazing Engagement Rings of 2022 - Grey Moissanite

Grey is a timeless color that never goes out of style, and now you can wear it as a gemstone. Kristin Coffin designed several vintage-inspired styles, all of which are unique statement pieces with a brilliant edgy grey Moissanite stone that has a crazy sparkle. There is a video here to see all the sparkly goodness. We guarantee that everyone will pick up your hand and say, "WOW, I've never seen anything like that before."

Grey Moissanite by Kristin Coffin
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Ultra Thin Hidden Halo

The Most Unique and Amazing Engagement Rings of 2022 thediamondmansion

I am not going to lie, I'm still obsessed with Blake Lively's engagement ring, and this one looks so much like it that I had to share The Ultra Thin Hidden Halo from Diamond Mansion.

This luxurious engagement ring features a delicate center stone that pops above the dainty/thin band. You have to check out the video of this ring sparkling and spinning. You'll also see the price because I know you are wondering. Who wants one?

The Ultra Thin Hidden Halo from Diamond Mansion
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The Funky Twist Diamond Engagement Ring

Unique and Amazing Engagement Ring from Honey Designs Jewelry

This twisty engagement ring is unique, and the designer behind the artwork is also. Honey Designs Jewelry is in its 7th year and is a one-woman show (for now). Honey Designs Jewelry carefully curates custom engagement experiences for clients, including planning the proposal and a full-on photo shoot. You can see a few of the real-life engagements here.

All engagement ring designs are one-of-a-kind pieces crafted in the USA with ethically sourced diamonds, precious gemstones, or family heirloom stones. This funky design has a natural heirloom oval diamond set into a new design for their anniversary. The ring is cast in 14kt rose gold and platinum. Captured by Odessa James Photo.

The Funky Twist Engagement Ring from Honey Designs
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The Mason No. 5

The Most Unique and Amazing Engagement Rings of 2022 UniqueEngagementRing_0018_Frank Darling

I am in awe of the unique cut of this engagement ring from Frank Darling. Although simple, it gives off ultra-luxurious vibes. This sleek and contemporary Art Deco-inspired engagement ring features a dramatic minimal metal half bezel perfectly holding an eternally classic Asscher cut diamond.

Thoughtfully designed to stack flush with a statement wedding band, like the photo above. How perfectly does the red-orange nail lacquer pair with the ring? I would pick up a bottle if this were my ring.

Mason No.5 Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring from Frank Darling
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Custom Salt and Pepper Diamond Slice Ring

The Most Amazing Engagement Rings of 2022

How incredible is this Custom Salt and Pepper Diamond Slice Ring Set by Gardens of The Sun Ethical Jewelry?

The ring is set in Gardens of The Sun's 100% signature ethical gold that is mercury-free and empowers indigenous women miners. It is Gold that gives back! How great is that? Read more about how Gardens of The Sun changes how Gold is mined here; this revolutionary jewelry company is transforming supply chains, improving work conditions, and jumpstarting economies. All amazing and beautiful, just like your engagement ring.

Salt and Pepper Diamond Slice Ring from Gardens of The Sun
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The Perfect Stack

The Most Unique and Amazing Engagement Rings of 2022

Emi Conner Jewelry is top on our list for alternative engagement rings. Emi specializes in unique wedding bands and alternative engagement rings; she considers her jewelry to be timeless drops of magic that mark those special moments. Each band you add to your stack holds its special moment.

Their bestselling wax mold band system is a unique product on their site that helps you find the perfect fit. You can try on different bands to see how they look with your stack without leaving home! Choose your design or send a message if you need help deciding. A wax mold of the band will be sent to you to try on to create your perfect stack.

Empress Crown No. 3 from Emi Conner Jewelry
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Art Deco emerald cut diamond ring

The Most Unique and Amazing Engagement Rings

This genuine platinum Art Deco emerald cut diamond ring is a true vintage treasure. The engraved wheat designs and created sapphire accents add to the beautiful show-stopping qualities of this ring! Maejean Vintage is a female-owned and operated vintage and estate jewelry store found exclusively online! Owned by two GIA Graduate Gemologist sisters, Laura Mae and Amanda Jean, this innovative online jewelry store specializes in timeless pieces from the Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, and Mid Century eras. In the jewelry world, vintage and estate jewelry pieces are often melted down and destroyed for their precious metals. Maejean Vintage is always ready to intercept, restore, and find new homes for these historical treasures in the name of sustainability and the love of all things vintage!

Art Deco Emerald Cut Diamond Ring from Maejean Vintage

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This ring stopped us in our tracks. It doesn't get any more classic bridal than a princess-cut diamond. The designers at With Clarity also had the genius idea to add two amazing diamonds on either side of the main stone, making this ring sparkle more than you could imagine.

You'll want to see more rings from this husband and wife team over at With Clarity. They've been working together for years to get couples their perfect ring and they're committed to transparency, convenience, and high-quality pieces without the high markups. Shop Now.

Lavender Sapphire and Diamond Wedding Set


You had me at Lavender. I love anything and everything Lavender including the color and this Lavender Sapphire and Diamond wedding set in 18k Gold from Vivian Grace. Dallas-based jewelry brand Vivian Grace designs this stunning set. To design an engagement ring contact Founder & Diamond Atelier, Tricia Accaoui. Shop the Demi-Fine, ready for wear line here.

Lavender Sapphire and Diamond Wedding Set
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The PopCorn Ring

Popcornring2 popcornring3

This has to be one of the most unique engagement rings I have seen, the entire ring was designed around popcorn. Stephanie Gottlieb Fine Jewelry teamed up with the beloved popcorn brand Angie's BOOMCHICKAPOP to create a dream ring for all those popcorn enthusiasts!

That's right, there is a 3.66-carat popcorn cut diamond ring, and it's stunning. A little background on this unique ring: Stephanie Gottlieb hand-picked the perfect diamond. At the start of the cutting process, the rough diamond weighed in at a whopping 11 carats (WOAH), and cut into the genuinely unique popcorn shape, polished and set in a yellow gold bezel and band. The Y-Z color of the stone nears the "fancy yellow" category on the official GIA Color Scale, giving the diamond light yellow tones that bring the popcorn shape to life. This beauty can be yours.

Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP® Popcorn Diamond Ring from Stephanie Gottlieb
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Sea-Foam Green Sapphire Halo Diamond

The Most Unique and Amazing Engagement Rings of 2022 La More Design

La More Design is next on the list with this gorgeous sea-foam Green Sapphire halo diamond nesting beautifully between two carved diamond wedding bands. So special! There are so many more impressive rings on the La More Designs Instagram. We can truly appreciate that they care deeply about where their stones are from - only using responsibly sourced, conflict-free, fair-trade materials.

All their rings are custom made just for you - email [email protected] to start designing your custom creation.

Sea-Foam Green Sapphire Halo Diamond by La More Designs
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Design a Ring You Love

The Most Unique and Amazing Engagement Rings of 2022

To make it incredibly unique and all your own, ever&ever® just launched a customizable bridal collection that inspires brides like yourself to create the ring of your dreams. You customize the stone shape, size, and metal quality, bringing your engagement ring vision to life. Start transforming a ring you like into a one you love by clicking here.

Custom Designed Engagement Ring from ever&ever®
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The Princess Engagement Ring

The Most Unique and Amazing Engagement Rings of 2022

The band on this dainty engagement ring from Jared is incredibly mesmerizing. I've seen it in person, and it is stunning. Brilliant round diamonds surround this exquisite princess-cut diamond. Even more impeccable round diamonds wrap around the band to complete the look. Fashioned in 14K white gold, the total diamond weight of the ring is 3/4 carats.

Diamond Engagement Ring 3/4 ct tw Princess/Round 14K White Gold from Jared
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