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Sending Out a Save the Date Is a Big Deal Any Day, But Nowadays It’s a BFD

Sending Out a Save the Date Is a Big Deal Any Day, But Nowadays It’s a BFD

Before we say something that we’ve been feeling for a whileeee now, we’ll preface it with this: every wedding, ALL the weddings that we’ve featured, that we’ve talked about, and that have happened, in general, are wonderful, sparkling with their own brand of magic - but to everyone who got engaged, got married, eloped, or transformed their nuptials in response to COVID, you have our utmost admiration. It’s been a long road for everyone this last year, but for those with intersecting walks to the altar, it’s been particularly hard. All this said, we’re so beyond excited to see all of you get your weddings off the ground. Whether you’re planning for something small or waiting to go big sometime down the line (when it’s finally safe to do so), whether you’ve switched plans a time or two or decided on something totally different than what you originally planned, whenever there’s a concrete date in mind, send it out to those who matter most in your life. Oh, and do it with one of the best in the biz: Minted.

The Save the Date - What It Meant Before

So, save the date cards have been around for 20+ years at this point, and tbh, as a millennial, I don’t really remember what wedding planning was like without them. They represent the first piece of wedding correspondence that goes out to your prospective invitees - unless, of course, you have an engagement party before you decide on your wedding day - so naturally they’re a big step in the process and a fundamental part of your overall wedding branding and vibe curation.

Sending Out a Save the Date Is a Big Deal Any Day, But Nowadays It’s a BFD

But really, from the beginning, a save the date was meant to bookmark/reserve a space and time for an event to come. Your event. THE event. And whoever you wanted to share the special day with, your friends and family, got one. They’d open it up, read those three words, and then pencil the date into their calendars. Tangible calendars, too, not just their iCals. It’s true, save the dates have been around for decades, with their own unique designs and bits of character and personality, but when guests receive them, especially in bulk (one friends’ engagement becomes two, becomes four: I’ve been there, done that!), they usually end up hung on the fridge, indistinguishable from the lot. It’s sad, but it’s true.

What it means today

Now, though, save the date cards have an even more profound veil of importance. Instead of just signaling a date to block, these cards are doing a lot more:

  1. They’re reminding people that fun and things to ‘look forward to’ haven’t gone away.

  2. They’re adding more to the story or just providing some context (for example, the couples who’ve had to change course one or more times in the face of COVID).

  3. They're telling those you care about that you cherish them fiercely and want them to bear witness to your best day ever. 

  4. They’re bringing it back to the whole reason for the season: LOVE.

Sending Out a Save the Date Is a Big Deal Any Day, But Nowadays It’s a BFD

Sending Out a Save the Date Is a Big Deal Any Day, But Nowadays It’s a BFD

Sending Out a Save the Date Is a Big Deal Any Day, But Nowadays It’s a BFD

Yep, sounds crazy, right, to say that save the dates weren’t heavy on the love angle before? They definitely were, but the way they’re done now - well, it just hits a little differently. Because we’ve all learned to appreciate what we have in life a little more in the past year. We hug a little tighter, we kiss a little longer, and we say ‘I Love You’ a whole lot more.

Minted’s Save the dates are true MVPs

Minted offers many ways to customize and personalize your wedding save the date so that you can send out an announcement that matches your personality and your story - bringing unique designs and luxe add-ons together, the collection stands out for its aesthetics and affordability.

Online purchase, exclusive stationery boutique experience

  • Unique designs from independent artists (all of whom are AMAZING; once you decide on a design, we bet you’ll want to follow your girl or guy on the Gram to see more of their genius - we do!)

  • Custom design services and unlimited rounds of customization with your Minted dedicated designer (unlimited, but not that you’ll need it - perfection is nailed pretty much from jump). Minted's Virtual Concierge can help you find a unique website and then work with you to customize it (mainly artwork, but eventually fonts, alignments, layouts, photos...). So, scheduled a FREE 30-minute consultation with one of their expert Wedding Concierges today!  

  • Luxurious printing and materials (paper, rich inks, fabric, it’s premium+ here, we promise)

  • End to end, seamless wedding style, across digital and physical products and across all stages of the wedding (that vibe curation, remember? Cohesion is key!)

  • Try before you buy - sample any design, get personalized samples, or request a free sample kit (free samples apply to stationery, too… and that’s okay, because no one would contest you wanting to see your names in the context of WEDDING, GETTING MARRIED, SAVE THE DATE FOR…)

Sending Out a Save the Date Is a Big Deal Any Day, But Nowadays It’s a BFD

Personalization doesn’t come close, these are tailor-made + minted marriage materials

  • FREE custom envelopes with FREE guest addressing, styled to match your design

  • Fresh colored envelopes with white ink printing (OMG, the white ink is truly stunning)

  • Variety of formats to fit everyone’s tastes and budget (vellum, magnets, postcards, etc.)

  • Foil designs hand-pressed with real foil, now in nine colors, on any colorway you choose (foil says fashion for days)

  • Matching Wedding Websites with almost every design (and the templates are anything but basic, they’re a whole other delightful designer experience, truly)

  • Exclusive to Minted Gloss-Press™ designs for an Iridescent Pearl finish (a kind of rainbow-style opalesque glow, if you will)

  • FREE convenience features to help guide your process, like the Address Book

Sending Out a Save the Date Is a Big Deal Any Day, But Nowadays It’s a BFD

More to make you happy

Once you’ve crossed the date off your plate, start perusing Minted’s Save the Dates and sign up for a FREE save the date sample kit to see just how amazingly-luxe everything looks and feels. Filled with a magnet, postcard, silhouette shape card, and a foil-pressed Save The Date, you can truly treat this stacked sample kit as one of your first engagement presents (or at least include one of these in your wedding memory box!).

Not to be outdone by these extras…

  • 25% off save the dates with code ENGAGED25
  • Enjoy a $50 credit towards wedding stationery orders $100+ when you use a Minted wedding website.
  • $10 credit towards wedding stationery samples with code 10FREE

Sending Out a Save the Date Is a Big Deal Any Day, But Nowadays It’s a BFD


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