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Lab-Grown Diamonds Rock and This Is How We Know They Do

Don’t Lose Faith In Lab-Grown Diamonds Because They Rock

We love diamonds, really, we do, but it’s high time we got over the ‘mined or it doesn’t really count’ mentality. Don’t you think? Seriously, gemstones are getting their due these days TG, yellow gold isn’t the only gold standard anymore, so why shouldn’t lab-grown diamonds be getting the respect and real bride love that they deserve?! That ‘not real’ narrative needs to change RN, and we’ll leave it to Kristin Coffin Jewelry to lead the charge. KC loves a lab-grown diamond and works with them regularly, so she knows these beauties are every bit as engagement-worthy as their from-the-Earth alternatives. We thought we’d get some education from our girl, that way anyone who ever had doubts about lab-grown ring realness can finally put their reservations to rest.

If you only take 1 thing away from this post, make sure it's 👇

“Lab-grown diamonds are every bit as “real” as mined diamonds. They have the exact same molecular composition and optical properties of a mined diamond, except that they’re grown in a lab that recreates the same environment that allows diamonds to form in the Earth. Each individual diamond grown in these foundries is just as unique as a mined diamond since each diamond will grow organically in the forming process with its own unique characteristics and diamond grading report.”

That’s right, the optics are the same, the organic growth is the same, and pretty sure the 😍😍😍 would be the same, too. After all, sparkle is sparkle 💎, whether it’s mined or manmade. 

Don’t Lose Faith In Lab-Grown Diamonds Because They Rock

Even the most discerning eyes can’t spot a difference.

Lab-grown diamonds weren’t just dreamed up a hot second ago (and haphazardly for that matter), rather, it’s taken decades of trial and error to grow diamonds that have the exact same molecular composition and optical properties as a mined diamond. Even highly-trained gemologists are unable to tell the difference! The only differences lie in their origin, carbon footprint, and human impact. And guess what? Lab-grown diamonds are the much more ethically-responsible and environmentally-friendly choice. AKA, you’ll feel a lot better about wearing this sparkler around that finger.

Now, sure, we could show you a bunch of pictures of mined and lab-grown diamonds and challenge you to ‘find the fakes,’ but 1) you wouldn’t be able to, because the shine and fire is optically identical and 2) even using the word fake is horribly inaccurate, any diamond is 'real' if it does its job to make you smile and remind you of the best person in your life, your future spouse and MOST significant other. So, instead, we felt a rousing game of TRUE OR FALSE would be more fun.

Don’t Lose Faith In Lab-Grown Diamonds Because They Rock


  1. Lab-grown diamonds do a lot less damage than their mined counterparts?
  2. Lab-grown diamonds are just as expensive?

Hoping your reading comprehension is 💯, because we already gave you the answers above when we said ethically responsible and environmentally friendly


  1. TRUE - Lab-grown diamonds bypass the environmental degradation (deforestation, soil erosion, toxic waste, etc.) and social impacts that can be associated with mining regions. I.e. they are conflict free!
  2. FALSE - Lab-grown diamonds are 30-40% less expensive than a mined diamond of the same size and quality! That means big sparkle for much less money!!

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