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How to Plan Your Wedding On a Short Timeline

Baltimore Big Fake Wedding Event

Are you a Baltimore-based bride, newly engaged, kind of over wedding planning already, and free on Wednesday, May 16th? ((Who are we kidding, it’s a Wednesday, not much is on TV, and it’s hump day, of course you’re free!)) Well, what would you say to crashing a wedding with your fiancé, and not getting in trouble for it? The Big Fake Wedding is about to go down in Baltimore. We’re in 🙋🏻, and we hope you’ll come with! That’s Wednesday, May 16th, and we might know where you can scoop up a pair of FREE tickets….

Of course, now that you have that gorgeous piece of bling on that all-important finger, you’re all weddings: all day, all week, all month, I Do, but really, I don’t. It’s nice to be a future wifey, for sure, but how quickly do things get crazy - from the time you’re basking in the glow of that giant rock, and replaying how your partner did the proposing and how you said ‘YES’ to the tedious, anxiety-provoking period of picking a date, choosing a venue, booking vendors, considering your ceremony and vows, building out your bridal party, thinking about your dress, needing guidelines for your guest list, pouring over menu options, figuring out your florals. Where the f did the fun go?!?!!

Baltimore Big Fake Wedding Event

Before you decide to swear off the wedding in its entirety, remember that you’re in it for love ❤️, and the day will be ah-maze no matter what. That being said, if you could get all of your planning knocked out in one night and be able to get back to your blissed-out, ‘I’m a bride’ bubble, then things might start looking up. The Big Fake Wedding is exactly what it sounds like - a big, fake wedding. One that you are more than welcome to crash, borrow inspiration from for days, and actually even steal some of the v. cool vendors for your own wedding. There will be dancing, drinks, and a pretty sweet vow renewal ceremony as the capstone of it all. Sounds awesome, right?


With a focus on rich colors and ornate detail, this event will balance the vibrant tone of the 1920s with more muted, neutral elements. The couple is chic, but super fun-loving, and already getting psyched celebrate their day and sip on a sophisticated signature cocktail. Conceptualized with a Gatsby style in mind, the wedding will take advantage of saturated gold tones, dainty art deco patterns and textiles, but shy away from anything too glitzy. We can’t evennnn wait to see how it plays out! Their vision board already has us 😍😍😍

Baltimore Big Fake Wedding Event


The event, held at Main Street Ballroom, will feature some incredible vendors, including and not limited to: White Coffee Lettering, We are the Cashmans, and Zeffert & Gold. Remember, you get to see this I Do crew in action, so come with open minds, thirsty mouths, and hungry tummies, cross some of those final to-dos off your list and make some magic with the pros who will undoubtedly bring your dream wedding to life! Find out more about who will be there on the event page, and make sure your May 16th cal is blocked off from 6:30 to 9PM.

Now about those free tickets...

Baltimore Big Fake Wedding Event


As a special perk for all our readers, TBFW is letting you snag a free pair of tickets - for you and boo - today only! All you have to do is hop on over to the registration page and mention "Wedding Chicks" in the Access Code field. All WC friends will get tickets sent straight to their inbox. Signed, sealed and delivered!

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We partnered with The Big Fake Wedding to share their unique wedding show experience with you. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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