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How To Marble Your Wedding Day

marble quarry in Italy

Marble is a luxury item. It covers floors of important and high-end buildings, columns of it hold up the roofs of temples, and political buildings alike, and it is carved into many of the most iconic sculptures in history. Its unique surface has been used as a design element for many weddings from table decor to even the cakes. 

This next wedding inspiration takes place in the Carrara Sculptor Cooperative of Carrara, Italy. The artistic space is the perfect romantic backdrop for this shoot, a softly filtered light fills the images as it cascades through marble dust that sparkles and floats about the room. You will not want to miss a single detail from this shoot, so be sure to check out the full gallery of photo from Facibeni Fotografia.

wedding invitations

wedding candles blue wedding shoes

wedding dress and wedding shoes

bridal wedding style idea wedding hair updo

simple and elegant wedding backdrop

Photographer: Facibeni Fotografia

When you say Carrara, the first thought is always the marble. Just a few actually know the history of this mythical town, suspended between the ocean and its mountains. For over 1000 years, the finest marble has been quarried here and then used by hundreds of legendary artists to sculpt the world's most famous works of art. For example, Michelangelo's David, the icon of Italy in the world, was created with the marble from the Carrara quarries. 

Even today, it is easy to come across open-air sculpture workshops, so fascinating in all their simplicity. From the first moment, it was beautiful to shoot here while the sculptors worked the stone with chisel and hammer, with the dust as a background for the photos with the bride. 

Stylist: Ilbiancoeilrosa

The project behind the bridal inspo comes from the need to respect the place where it was held, the Carrara sculptor cooperative, and the city, Carrara, home of marble and known all over the world. So we researched the colours, in the plates and the cake, and in the accessories the delicacy and texture of the marble. The artistic production of the sculptors was a marvelous background.

soft pastel wedding bouquet

wedding dress floral headband

bridal style idea

wedding vows walking on flower petals

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bride on a pedestal wedding seating display

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marbled wedding china

wedding candle light marbled wedding cake

marbled wedding cake

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