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Get A Wedding White Smile Without Leaving Your House

Couple Smiling Big During Engagement Photos Sourced from Shutterstock

Truth be told, I don’t think I’ve ever been so self conscious about my smile until I got engaged. I had a gorgeous ring on my finger, a handsome future hubs by my side, and a lot of maintenance on my mind. After all, if my ring sparkled on with a fresh coat of paint on my fingernails, it stood to reason that my smile would do the same with some buffing, brightening and whitening, right? And that white smile was my best asset through my engagement, not unlike EVERY soon-to-be-married couple. From engagement parties to bridal showers, bachelorette bashes to rehearsal dinners and the big day, you’ll want to celebrate the biggest occasions with a stunning smile - so you can start with some whitening ((and we know exactly where to go for the goods)). Luster Premium White offers professional-grade treatments you can do at home, so you can spend less 🕑 and 💸 at the dentist and more time flashing that flawless 😁 alongside your fiancé. The smile-stars at LPW sponsored this post to give us all a little guidance on whitening our grins, so whether you’re the bride or the groom, get ready!

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Grooming that just-engaged glow

If you know a ring is right around the corner, it’s best to get started on that smile ASAP. You’re going to want those #isaidyes selfies looking 💯 once the hardware’s on hand. So, it’s all about that Pro Light Dental Whitening System™. This enamel-friendly system runs on a Patented Dual Power Xenon Whitening Light and Stain Lifting Serum to erase up to 6 shades in 30 minutes. No joke. You’ll just want to put in some time before the proposal. A month before, to be safe. With the quick application method (no messy trays or strips), you can even do a touch-up treatment the day before you say your I-do’s… how’s that for thinking ahead?

Luster Premium White Pro Light Dental Whitening System

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Showing off that bling for the first time

Your besties are going to be BLOWING up your phone to hear how it all went down (and more importantly, to see the bling IRL), so your best bet is to show up with a shined-up ring, an on-point outfit, and a polished white smile for all those ‘our girl is engaged!!!!!’ snaps. That’s where daily maintenance is paramount. Luster Power White Pro™ is a whitening toothpaste you use on the reg to maintain your smile and erase deep stains. It’s proven effective to remove up to 95% of surface stains in a minimum of 5 days. So, once you start filling up your schedule with all those brunch dates, make sure your vanity is well-stocked with this powerful paste.

Luster Power White Pro in Mint

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Prepping for that all-important e-session

Let’s be honest, from the second you book your photographer, you’re going to be busy getting ready for your engagement photos. Great e-photos mean gorgeous save-the-dates, smiley save-the-dates mean lots of guests blocking their cals for your special day, it’s a domino effect that can only be set off with that stellar white smile of yours. So it best be in the best shape possible! We’re talking day-of - instant results with AM/PM™. This formula is a twice-a-day whitening system to whiten teeth—up to 3 shades in 3 days!

The AM toothpaste is your secret weapon for just before that camera shutter starts snappin’. This toothpaste features Blueverite® technology, which instantly offsets yellow stains for the look of a whiter smile with only one brushing—and the results last up to 5 hours!

And once your shoot comes to a close, polish away stains with the PM formula, which has 2X more whitening power to safely remove stains. You’ll need some serious teeth detox, especially if snacking with your S.O. was a prop in your shoot: from sharing an ice cream cone to binging on some boardwalk craves (you know who you, funnel cakes, deep-fried Oreos, cotton candy on cotton candy on cotton candy).

Luster Premium White AM/PM Formula

These smile opps are just the beginning, too… then comes the engagement party, the bridal shower, the bachelorette, and the wedding itself. Preceded, of course, by an epic first look.

If you’re not cheesin’ hard, you’re doing the wedding all wrong ((in fact, eating cheese might even be one of the best things you can do - since it’s full of calcium and packed with protein that strengthens and fortifies tooth enamel))

Couple Smiling Big During Engagement Photos Sourced from Shutterstock

Pretty sure the procrastinator in me (no judgment!! I work best under pressure 😉) would have lovvvved the AM quick polish; it lasts up to 5 hours, kids. 5 hours.

So if you’re after a brighter, whiter smile to debut with your “I Dos,” make sure you’ve got Luster Premium White in sight. For a limited time, you can save up to $7 at Walmart stores.

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We partnered with Luster Premium White to give newly-engaged couples everywhere some pointers on those pearly whites. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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