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How to Make Your Engagement Ring Selfie Total Perfection

How to Make Your Engagement Ring Selfie Total Perfection

When engagement ring selfies first became a thing, some 10, maybe 15 years ago, everyone who was at that pinnacle point of pre-proposal [in their relationship] wanted to have a game plan in place for a positively-flawless #soengaged selfie. We wrote a ton of pieces, too, on “how to ensure your proposal pic was on-point,” mentioning all the things that would make that ring debut shine: Freshly-painted nails, a seriously-trendy outfit, a gorgeous it-just-happened scene, a beyond-excited smile, and, of course, the practically-blinding sparkler itself. Nowadays, though, we’re much more interested in the story behind that center stone, and if it’s a conflict-free, eco-friendly diamond, like the ones our friends at Friendly Diamonds create, then it gets automatic bonus points in our book.

Its aesthetics will always matter, but so do its origins

How to Make Your Engagement Ring Selfie Total Perfection

We definitely won’t dismiss the brilliance of a big diamond — it will always be 🔥 in a social post, especially if the caption doesn’t provide all that much, in terms of extra context. But there’s something to be said for a selfie that showcases your love and passion for each other, along with the new chapter you’ve embarked on in life, and simultaneously gives credence to your social consciousness as a couple.

Here's what we love about Friendly Diamonds:

They’ll always bring the beauty.

The Friendly Diamonds collection of lab-created diamonds is available to the best of quality standards in terms of all the 4Cs (carat, color, cut, and clarity), ensuring the diamond you select for your engagement ring surpasses even the most exquisite of naturally-mined diamonds. As for aesthetics, Friendly Diamonds offers lab-grown diamonds up to a clarity of IF (internally flawless), D grade in color, with an excellent and precise cut and carat sizes of many varieties to suit every taste, requirement, or budget. And they also have an ensemble of shapes from round brilliant to cushion, emerald, asscher, oval and heart to princess, pear, marquise and radiant.

They’ll always deliver on quality.

The diamonds grown in Friendly Diamonds’ world class laboratories are of type IIA – the purest form of diamond available. Characteristically, they are harder and more brilliant than the more traditional type IA. Of all the earth-mined diamonds, only 2% actually stand up to such brilliant standards. What’s more, every diamond that comes out of the Friendly Diamonds lab is graded and certified by leading and independent gemological labs that rank naturally-mined diamonds. So, you know they’re legit. 

How to Make Your Engagement Ring Selfie Total Perfection

They’ll always go beyond their value.

Diamonds grown in a lab can be priced up to around 75% less than their exact natural counterparts. At Friendly Diamonds, you’ll always get a stone that either matches, if not supersedes the quality of a naturally-mined diamond, and for a price that’s substantially less than what you would pay for its earth-mined twin. And just to reiterate, the brand does not offer diamond simulants, but real diamonds that are simply grown inside a lab.

They’ll always be conflict-free.

Friendly Diamonds’ lab-created diamonds are created with ethical practices and the conservation of the environment in mind; they’re also unattached to any violence, poverty, or abuse of rights. They go one step ahead of the “conflict free” attribution and provide only the finest and most conscientious lab-created diamonds in the industry. And what really sets the brand apart is their constant quest to 1) improve their processes (from both environmentally-sound and socially-aware perspectives) and 2) educate their customer. Even if you haven’t taken time to learn about the dark past (and present) of mined diamonds or considered conflict-free diamonds as an alternative, you can glean a lot from the Friendly Diamonds enterprise and quickly come to understand that lab diamonds are just as genuine as natural diamonds.

If you really want to up your engagement ring selfie game, a Friendly Diamond is the way to do it:

How to Make Your Engagement Ring Selfie Total Perfection

...Because the ring will be stunning.

...Because it can be tailored to your/your S.O.’s exact specifications (you/your S.O. can start with a setting and then choose your most-desired lab-created diamond)

...Because you’ll feel proud wearing it.

...Because your partner will feel great proposing with it (finding a ring that’s environmentally and socially responsible, gorgeous, and sensible/not superficial)

But don’t just take our word for it…

"We had been together for 10 years and I wanted to show her that the wait was worth it. We had a trip planned to the Bahamas and I couldn’t think of a better place to pop the question. I asked her if I could take a picture of her on the beach, and when she turned around, I popped the question. It’s a moment I’ll never forget. She LOVED the ring and is always getting compliments on it wherever we go. I’m really glad I had Friendly Diamonds in my corner to help deliver the perfect, long awaited surprise." ~ Kevin Yanos

How to Make Your Engagement Ring Selfie Total Perfection

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