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How to Make Sure Your Wedding Day Jewelry Doesn’t Become An Afterthought

How to Make Sure Your Wedding Day Jewelry Doesn’t Become An Afterthought Second Band:

Okay, so even if you’ve never really subscribed to the “I cannot wait to get an engagement ring and start planning a wedding with my loveeee” point of view, there’s still a ton of anticipation and things to figure out before you finally get that ring around your finger. Your partner wants to get you something you’ll love for life and they’ll make sure to check off all the boxes (in your list of must-haves) before they find the one that’ll end up in the box. But as soon as the proposal happens and the wedding planning begins, priorities shift to the fashion, the food, the flowers, the fam and friends who will be there for it all, the fun you’ll have in store for them. Wedding day jewelry? Well, it can slip your mind — because you have your ring, after all, right? We have experience with that wedding morning mourning: Mourning that stems from getting ready and realizing that what we’re putting in our ears, around our necks and wrists, perhaps even sliding onto our ring fingers in just a few hours just isn’t up to par with the piece that started it all — the engagement ring. That’s why we compiled this list of what to know before choosing your wedding day jewelry, and included some thoughts from the arbiter of man-made stones and diamond alternatives, Diamond Nexus.

You may very well be on top of things (and the following might not apply to you), but these are definitely some... 

Things we wish we had known before our own wedding days

How to Make Sure Your Wedding Day Jewelry Doesn’t Become An Afterthought Bracelet:

Don’t wait too long before figuring out your final touches 

If we polled those who’ve gotten married recently, we’d probably get a groundswell of responses from brides who say that they weren’t happy with their wedding day accessories. And it makes sense, to be honest, because when you’re wrapped up in wedding preparations it’s challenging to keep track of everything. You might have your dress in and altered, your veil and shoes settled and sized, and your wedding day hair and makeup all mapped out (trials are so important), but fail to consider what jewelry you’ll wear. 

How to Make Sure Your Wedding Day Jewelry Doesn’t Become An Afterthought Ring:

You’ll either arrive at your bridal suite and quickly realize something’s missing — calling in ‘something borrowed’ favors from your favorites, in a pinch — or end up rushing an accessories purchase a few weeks pre-nuptials and either end up spending too much or ordering something that will come in time, but be lacking in quality. 

The alternative?

Starting your search early and trusting in a company like Diamond Nexus to deliver incredibly affordable and awe-inspiring items for your bridal trousseau.

Diamond Nexus has always rejected cultural pressures that dictate how much or how little you should spend on jewelry like engagement rings or heirloom pieces that should be worn and adored for special occasions. Their take? That your hard-earned money is much better spent on life and experiences that create memories. And we love it 🙌.

How to Make Sure Your Wedding Day Jewelry Doesn’t Become An Afterthought

Their Nexus Diamond™ alternative costs up to 80% less than a mined diamond. And since the brand uses master craftsmen to create their pieces, their stones are guaranteed forever. What that means is that their Nexus Diamond™ Alternative is certified by Forever Companies using a stringent code of ethics. When you buy a ring (and/or certain fine jewelry pieces) from Diamond Nexus, it is set with a laser-engraved certified stone that correlates to a certificate of legitimacy you can keep for your records.

Don’t default to the ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ myth for your best day ever

Given how incredibly milestone-making an occasion a wedding is, it’s easy to understand why brides and grooms can fall victim to historical precedents that shine a light on diamonds as the only true fit for a wedding day ensemble. But we’re well beyond that superficiality now, and we can thank Diamond Nexus for getting us there. 

How to Make Sure Your Wedding Day Jewelry Doesn’t Become An Afterthought Necklace:

The alternative?

Keeping an open mind about the stones you set your sights on for your wedding day. With Diamond Nexus, each of their engagement rings and fine jewelry pieces is set with the Nexus Diamond™ Alternative, a patented lab created diamond simulant that, among all simulants, most closely imitates the look and wear of a diamond, with two distinguishing exceptions - it is absolutely perfect in every way and it costs significantly less. Moreover, their lifetime stone guarantee ensures the quality of every stone. Forever. Nexus Diamond Alternatives should not chip, crack or become discolored or cloudy with normal wear. They guarantee it. And if something does happen to your stone before your wedding day arrives, you simply need to let the company know and they’ll replace it for free. No questions asked, forever.

Don’t let the specialty of your engagement ring preclude you from adding similarly custom-designed pieces to your head-to-toe look

We get it, your engagement ring will probably be your favorite accessory on the day you say I do (to be closely followed by the wedding band that encircles your fingers and solidifies your vows and forever commitment to one another), but that doesn’t mean the rest of your accoutrements can’t be made-to-order, too. 

How to Make Sure Your Wedding Day Jewelry Doesn’t Become An Afterthought

The alternative?

Partnering with your own personal jewelry designer to make your adornments for the aisle all the more meaningful and magnificent (you see these photos, right? #unreal). The team at Diamond Nexus believes that there is no better way to walk into your happily ever after than with a custom wedding ring or piece of fine jewelry. With their custom jewelry service, you can choose your favorite metal, stone, or style to create a one-of-a-kind vintage wedding band or memorable bracelet, necklace, or matched set that will last a lifetime.

Don’t delay… Especially when deep discounts exist!

We couldn’t be more serious about our advice not to wait on considering your wedding day look. For the very legit above reasons (having to spend so much more than you want or getting something that’s sub-optimal in quality), but also because shopping well in advance of your wedding can mean significant savings for the main event itself + all the pre-nuptials celebrations (an engagement party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, etc.) in your honor!

How to Make Sure Your Wedding Day Jewelry Doesn’t Become An Afterthought Engagement Ring:

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How to Make Sure Your Wedding Day Jewelry Doesn’t Become An Afterthought Wedding Band (Thin):

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