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How to Plan the Perfect Holiday Proposal

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No matter how long we’ve worked in this industry, we still get butterflies and ALL the feels at the start of engagement season (that’s Thanksgiving through Valentine’s Day, if you didn’t know already). It’s a big time for couples to take that next step, and we get it — the holidays bring lots of happy vibes, so why not jump on in and hitch your ride to the ‘let’s get hitched’ [band]wagon? It’s 2022, and while we’re well aware that soulmates are shopping for engagement rings together, we’ll always get behind a surprise proposal: it’s just magical and truly has its sparkle. That’s why we caught up with our friends at Grown Brilliance to put together a modern guide for popping the question when your partner doesn’t know about it.

Here’s how to make sure their ring is 👌

Grown Brilliance Holiday Proposal Ring Shot

Because as much as your proposal and larger love story are the bigger picture here, the engagement ring being perfect is still very important

Grown Brilliance Pear Lab Grown Diamond Three Stone Ring Ring:

Have your budget nailed down.

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Just like shopping for a wedding dress beyond the budget is a bad idea, not having that number clearly defined for the engagement ring expense is a recipe for disaster. You’ll want to know what you’re comfortable spending, and you’ll want to have some wiggle room — just in case you find something that pushes the upper limits a little bit.

And yes, there will be things that you’ll pay more for, simply because you know they’re clinchers. Closers. Like things you know your love will 100p say ‘YES’ to.

Grown Brilliance Pear and Oval Lab Grown Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring Ring:

Grown Brilliance Cushion Lab Grown Diamond Trellis Solitaire Engagement Ring Ring:

Do some research before you see the rings.

Shown with a 2 carat center diamond. Please click DETAILS below to see the diamond details about this ring. 2 ctw Round Lab Grown Diamond Royal Crown Engagement Ring Ring:

We won’t lie, once you start shopping for the ring, things are bound to get confusing and overwhelming awfully fast. Getting all up to speed on this particular high-stakes shopping experience is something you’ll want to do well before you approach a jeweler or start perusing online. If it’s a diamond piece that you want, remember that the 4Cs (cut, clarity, color, and carat) apply to both natural and lab grown diamonds. You should find out the right balance among these 4Cs, at the risk of overpaying for a few of these characteristics (cut and carat over clarity and color, for instance) while failing to spend enough on the others.

Grown Brilliance Round Lab Grown Diamond Double Twist Engagement Ring Ring:

Embrace your inner 90s/early 2000s quiz-kid persona.

And by that, we mean, don’t dismiss the potential for a quiz to be able to match your future fiancé/fiancée’s style. Grown Brilliance has their own ring quiz to figure out your S.O.’s style, and it’s not only fun to play along with, it also churns out exceptional recommendations (I’ve done the quiz like 5 times, and all the ring suggestions it’s made for me have been spot on).

Grown Brilliance Ring:

Get that ring size right.

Of course, you can always get a ring resized, but we’ll be the first to tell you that having the engagement ring be too big or too small can definitely overshadow the amazingness of the occasion. When your partner gets their ring, they’re going to want to wear it, plan their ‘fits around it, show it off, catch it in their glances all day long and live in that enchantment. To ensure you get that perfect fit, ask their friends for their ring size or borrow one of their rings on the sly (and trace the inner and outer circles as reference points for the jeweler or to base your measurements off if you’re using an online diamond source).

You can also use Grown Brilliance’s printable ring sizer, but being subtle and asking them to try this on for size rarely works without tipping them off in a big way… approach with caution if you’re all about the surprise.

Grown Brilliance Holiday Proposal

Now, again, your relationship and chemistry is what got you here — you’re moving onto the next chapter because of the work you both put in. But that ring still has a magnetism, it’s still a major piece of this puzzle. So, whether you choose a traditional engagement ring or a modern one, just make sure it’s a perfect representation of the love you and your S.O. share.

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