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These Winter Proposals Are The Absolute Sweetest!

winter lake proposal with fur coat Photo:

Is it just us or is there nothing more romantic than a winter proposal? A blanket of fresh snow, rosy cheeks, and everyone looks better in layers. Whether it’s a surprise proposal at your favorite winter spot or a full-on photoshoot, we can’t get enough of these touching moments that are frozen in time. We’ve rounded up a few adorable winter proposals for your viewing pleasure and for some inspo if you’re planning on popping the question. Enjoy!

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Hot Tips For A Cool Proposal

Get Creative

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Proposals are always more fun if they’re a surprise. Set up a fun date where you two can enjoy your winter sport of choice or incorporate your proposal into one of your favorite holiday traditions as a couple. Hide the ring in cookie dough while you’re baking or lace it onto their ice skates. Or, get creative with your packaging like putting the ring inside a clear ornament and hanging it on a tree.

Christmas tree proposal idea Photo:

snowy forest proposal Photo:

Layer Up

snowy ski engagement shoot Photo:

Popping the question can be a bit nerve-racking so the cold temps may feel even colder. Make sure you bundle up and wear multiple layers so they’re easy to take on and off. You don’t want to risk shivering and dropping the ring in the snow (can you even imagine?!?). On that note–while it’s a good idea to dress warm, skip the gloves, at least until they’ve got the ring safely on their finger. It’ll be easier to hold onto it that way.

red rose petals engagement Photo:

cute snowy engagement shoot Photo:

pretty winter mountain proposal Photo:


snowy boho proposal Photo:

Whether you’re proposing near a frozen lake or at home cuddled up by the fireplace, make sure you’re prepared to celebrate. Have a bottle of bubbly chilled for the occasion waiting just out of sight so it’s ready to pop after you pop the question.

Have A Plan

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Now we’re not saying you have to write a speech (although some people do), but it’s a good idea to have some kind of plan of how you would like your proposal to go. It’s also a good idea to have reservations for afterward because the last thing you want to be doing after you pop the question is calling different restaurants trying to find a table–that would totally kill the vibe.

camping winter proposal Photo:

LGBTQ winter proposal Photo:

Hire A Photographer

night engagement shoot with twinkle lights Photo:

This one is SUPER important! Make sure to hire a photographer to document your proposal. It’s such an important moment in your life and you will look back and cherish those photos forever! Proposals and engagement shoots are also great opportunities to work with potential wedding photographers and get a feel for how you mesh creatively.

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