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Desanka Ilic Of Instagram and TikTok Fame Just Got Engaged On A Disney Cruise

Disney Cruise Influencer Engagement

When Desanka was packing for a Disney Cruise with her boyfriend David, she had no idea that she was actually packing for her engagement trip! They spent their first day at sea lounging in the spa and taking a Mexican cooking class, then they got dressed for dinner. Desanka was wearing an adorable pink velvet burn-out dress with little hearts all over it (how à propos) and David was wearing an equally adorable button-down shirt with an abstract leopard print. After six amazing years together, David got down on one knee and popped the question. Of course, she said, "YES!"

After the big moment, they shared a romantic dinner together at the ship's most exclusive restaurant and a Broadway-style show only found on the Disney Wonder. When they got back to their cabin, they had a special surprise waiting for them in their room. Seriously, does it get any more romantic than that?! When you get engaged on a Disney Cruise, it's safe to say you're going to live happily ever after. Keep reading to hear more from Desanka about this dream vacation and insanely adorable proposal! 

Disney Cruise Influencer Engagement


Disney Cruise Influencer Engagement

On Sunday, March 19th, 2022, Desanka Ilic and David Pinder got engaged in the most magical way. Desanka is an actress, singer, influencer, and entrepreneur from Los Angeles. David is a professional drummer and business professional from Fargo. After dating for almost six years, the couple took a spontaneous weekend Disney Cruise from San Diego, California to Ensenada, Mexico, on board the Wonder ship. Little did Desanka know that this getaway would change her life forever. After one day at sea full of hot stone massages and endless entertainment, one day spent at a Mexican cooking class and touring the city of Ensenada, David had a surprise in store once they returned to the ship. He worked with Disney Weddings to pull off the surprise of a lifetime–a proposal! He brought Desanka to the ship's grand entrance, asked the cast member to take a photo of them on their polaroid camera, and they posed in front of the famous bronze Ariel statue. Desanka looked over and noticed David on one knee who was pulling out a ring. She was shocked, excited, and overjoyed because this is the moment she had always dreamed of.


Disney Cruise Influencer Engagement

Desanka said "yes" to the proposal, and they couldn't wipe the smiles off of their faces while the Disney cast members cheered with excitement. Filled with emotion, they were led to Chip 'n Dale, who celebrated the engagement with them and even snapped some photos together! The perfect night was followed by a live Disney performance, a romantic dinner at the ship's exclusive restaurant, along with champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries that were prepared in their hotel room. The magic of Disney truly came alive on that special Sunday evening at sea. Desanka and David are proof that dreams really do come true.

To see more of Desanka's viral photos and videos of her engagement, follow her on Instagram and TikTok @desankaj.

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