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Deborah and Alexis’ Tinder Proposal and Beach Wedding Inspiration

beach proposal

I always chuckle when I am asked how I met my fiancé. Two and a half years ago I downloaded a dating app (Tinder) in hope I would meet 'the one.' After years of disappointments I was hopeless. But I gave it shot! Lucky me I found my best friend and soul mate. After a few exchanges of messages, we decided to meet and we have been inseparable since then. Alexis Castillo proposed to me on May 15, 2016 at my favorite place - the beach. Surrounded by yummy treats he had prepared for a 'beach/picnic day.' As I prepared the setting for a picture, he placed the ring in front of the camera. There I witness this shiny beauty that took my breathe away. I immediately turned to look at him with my hands over my mouth as he innocently smiled at me, awaiting for me to say "Yes!" I kept repeating, "Is it real, is this real?!" Lol poor thing kept nodding his head waiting for my response. I kissed, hugged him, laughed, allowed him to place the ring on my finger and happily said 'yesssssss.'

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Beach Wedding Inspiration

Maybe Deborah and Alexis will have a beach wedding and we've got some amazing inspiration for them. How adorable is this couple? See more here.

beach wedding inspiration

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