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Black Wedding Rings Give Us Life Right Now

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Have you ever considered a black engagement ring? I’ll admit, I never did, think I was too blinded by tradition. Well, NYC-based vintage jewelry company, La More Design, polls their Insta fans about their prefs for #teamwhite or #teamblack rings ALL the time. And it seems like the latter is getting a lotttt more love these days. TG. Because we are so onboard. The husband and wife team sponsored this post to share all the details on the best alternative to a black diamond engagement ring, and now we’ve pretty much gotten tunnel vision for the sweet and femme trend. White diamonds, we’ve gone to the dark side, and we won’t be back for a while ✌.

La More Design Black Bridal Set Ring:

We’ve fangirled over black wedding dresses, we’ve fallen in love with black wedding cakes, and now it’s about time we rage over black rings. Because this look hardly only qualifies for ‘alternative’ brides these days. Whether you’re a Kat Von D, goth-glam kind of girl, a rock and roll/Penny Lane-in-likeness type of free-spirit, a Parisian cool girl with a love for high fashion and chicness in everything you do, or just a regular girl standing in front of her proposing partner, asking him/her to pop the question with a black stone kind-of-moody, you can appreciate the effortless edge a black ring brings to the table. You don’t even need to have an affinity for astrology or be well-versed in crystal grids to love the vibe. Although, a black ring certainly mixes well with a bit of mysticism 🔮✨🖤 …

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La More has been in the black stone ring game for a long time now, and they do it two ways - with stunning black diamonds and black spinel - a fairly new gemstone that’s ridiculously-durable (super hard to chip or scratch), amazingly affordable, and wildly wearable. Both of the jewels are dreamy in darkness and replete with reflective qualities that are straight-up unparalleled. Black diamonds have cache for being the most precious gem, and black spinels get our 👏 because they’re nearly colorless and throw gorgeous slate blue and misty purple hues in some lighting. Which is SO pretty.

La More Design Black Spinel Engagement Ring Ring:

And the best thing about these black-stone beauties?

La More offers them in so many styles from elegant solitaires to trendy halo settings, antique styles to more modern motifs. You can pair it with rose gold, white gold or platinum metallic bands, too. I happen to die for a nice black and blush match up, but you do you, because black looks good with EVERYTHING. Just another check in the #whyimteamblack column, along with La More founders’, Lucas and Annie, backing. They are big believers in the bold and captivating spell of black engagement and wedding rings. 

La More Design Black Tiara Wedding Band Ring:

Just take a peek at La More’s Insta feed and try not to go bananas for the black stone magic. We’re already well-beyond-entranced, so we’ll gladly have you over here on our side. But if you’re still feeling pulled towards a white diamond look, that’s okay. You can add a little edge to your ring stack with a statement black band (like this pave black diamond half eternity band), or even a duet of the two in a black and white crown wedding band. It’s a phenomenal play on traditional and alternative, and we’re so sold on it. 

La More Design Black Diamond Tiara Halo Ring Ring:

We rounded up a few of our fave LMD ebony options, but know that everything on their site is made-to-order, so you can feel free to put ALL the tweaks on your / your fiancé’s ring, as you see fit. It’s not always black and white 😉.


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We partnered with La More Design to bring you all this black-stone brilliance! As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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