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5 Reasons to Consider a Custom Engagement Ring

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Engagement rings will always be something to talk about, but Meghan Markle’s engagement ring gave us e-ring fever and it all has to do with the fact that Prince Harry decided to do something a little custom - rather than giving his future Duchess the Queen Mother’s engagement ring or even one of her extravagant diamond and pearl rings. And her three-stone bespoke piece, with a center stone from Botswana and the two side stones from Princess Diana’s own personal collection, has been and will continue to be one of the most enviable engagement rings in history. Joseph Jewelry, a company that’s been championing the custom jewelry cause for over two decades, fell in love with Harry’s heirloom ring precedent. So, the team sponsored this post to give everyone at home contemplating something custom just a few more reasons why it’s the best idea ever. Brides and grooms, take note…

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You get exactly what you want

Yeah, there’s really no denying it, the only way to ensure you get exactly what you want is by going the custom route. Joseph Jewelry listens to your every need and specification when it comes to the ring of your dreams. So, once you’re saying ‘YES,’ there’s no wayyy you won’t be insanely impressed over how on-point the design really is.

You can incorporate personal elements

Like Harry choosing to custom mint Meghan’s ring with elements so close to his and her heart (Botswana was pretty much the birthplace of their love and Diana’s diamonds obviously mean everything to the couple), you can do the same with details like engraving, a hidden birthstone, an heirloom gemstone, or custom filigree.

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You don’t need to have a royal reserve

At the end of the day, Meghan Markle’s sparkle cost somewhere in the vicinity of $350K, give or take a hundred grand here or there, but Joseph Jewelry doesn’t have to compete with Cleave and Company to turn out a similarly-priceless piece. Custom doesn't have to be more expensive! It can even be potentially more affordable than designer pieces, because each ring is made individually with materials that can be tailored to fit even the most modest budgets.

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You can subscribe to that one-of-a-kind superlative

Yes, really, that ring will be oh so original. The JJ process guarantees it. Their in-house designers will follow your cues expressly. So, you can choose from their selection of engagement ring examples or browse the site to add styles you like to your created account. The artists will follow up with an original sketch based on your detailed instruction, image+illustration inspiration and personal anecdotes. So, from pen to paper, muse to model, your design will come directly from you. 

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You’ll earn points in the relationship department

Whether you’re doing the proposing without any input from your fiancé (phew, you’re brave!! You get allllll our 🙌🙌🙌), or designing the ring together, you’ll be earning an A+ for your effort or logging some team-time as you celebrate a completely new chapter in your love story. It’s a hugeee deal, and all of the feels, all of the sentimentality, sure does go somewhere special. 

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Don’t assume custom means something crazy couture, either

Even if you don't want a wild or extravagant ring, you can still create a custom piece to punctuate an even more perfect occasion. And if you do want something a bit more glamorous, Joseph Jewelry is just as excited to start masterminding that masterpiece with you! Check out their gallery of custom engagement rings to see all of your customization options. The sky’s the limit! Whennnnnn else will you have so much freedom?!?!!

Joseph Jewelry offers the highest level of customer service, and you'll work directly with your designer in a pressure-free environment, either in person or online. 👈 Right here, that’s the bestttt part. 

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testimonials from The happiest couples 

"I contacted Tony with Joseph Jewelry 4 months before I decided to purchase an engagement ring. I should note that I am on the opposite side of the U.S. so that was a little uncomfortable at first not being able to speak with them in person or go in for an in-person meeting. However, that feeling is no longer there. There were many questions asked and several changes made along the way and at no point did Tony, nor the rest of the staff ever seem annoyed. They were always very detailed in their responses, very helpful, and extremely nice. It's the way customer service should be with all companies. The ring came out awesome and I would highly recommend using them. I would use them again in the future for sure!" -Brian B., May 2018

"My fiancé and I got engaged and he had used his grandmothers old European cut diamond ring. We knew we wanted to take the diamond and put it in another setting that fit me. After a lot of research online, we chose Joseph jewelry because there was a ton of positive reviews. We went in and they were really helpful and we put our deposit down that day. Through the whole process we worked with Jessica, Andrea and Lauren. They were all great! I'd definitely recommend this place. They worked with our budget as well as my vision of exactly what I wanted. They even made a wax model for me to look at and try on to see what it'd look like before the final production. The ring was also done two weeks early which was an awesome surprise!" -Brenna H., January 2018

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If you or someone you love wants something beyond-exclusive to wear forever, then you might want to task yourself with your own Prince Harry-level how-to! Joseph Jewelry would LOVE to have you over here on #teamcustom.


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We partnered with Joseph Jewelry to make a few believers out of custom engagement rings. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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