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All the Reasons Jewelry Shopping In the Summer Is the Best Idea Ever

All the Reasons Jewelry Shopping In the Summer Is the Best Idea Ever

Jewelry shopping is really such an evergreen activity — you can do it any time you’re thirsting for a sparkly spot of something. But the more we’ve thought about it, we kind of love a summer jewelry storm, especially. Happening now through July 17th, you can shop fine jewelry up to 40 percent off at Blue Nile with the promo code 2022NILE. You might even feel a little iffy about doing some heavy spending during the summer, when you’re planning on going on vacay or doing fun, rompy things already; however, we can assure you that adding to the cart when the sun is shining (and you’re in a great mood because #itsrosealldayseason) is the best idea ever.

Okay, let’s goooo

You’re wearing a lot less in the summer, so you can totally step up your accessories game

It’s getting HOT outside, friends, and we’re all stripping those layers off. The easy, breezy look is lightweight and oh-so-loved, but when you’re just wearing a sundress or some linen shorts and a teasy tank, you’ll want a little extra bling to turn your ‘fit from fashionable to straight-up fierce.

You’ll be attending a lot of summer social soirees — from weddings to weekend getaways with your groups (guys and gals, included)

All the Reasons Jewelry Shopping In the Summer Is the Best Idea Ever

So why wouldn’t you want to add some new pieces to your jewelry rolls for such and such retreats? Dress to impress for morning brunches with pearls or pendants, or add some color to your summer social wardrobe with punchy studs or hanging drop earrings. 

You’re going to want to get your jewelry ordered early if you’ll be getting married in the sweater weather

Once summer hours switch back to the normal 9-to-5 (and really, what is that anymore?) and PTO no longer headlines your group work calendars, things get hectic in a hurry. That’s why you’ll want to use the extra down time during the summer to get ahead of your wedding day preparations. If you can order your wedding bands, your somethings new or blue, or ensemble-completing gift options for your squad earlier than later, you’ll be way less stressed when you’re counting down the days until I Do. 

Oh! And one last thing to mention — though it kind of trumps all the☝️

All the Reasons Jewelry Shopping In the Summer Is the Best Idea Ever

Blue Nile is having a major summer season wedding event as we speak. You can shop now for men's and women’s rings, fine jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, and tons of other styles that are perfect for the big day and all the rest of your summer BDE (best days ever). Save up to 40 percent at checkout with the code “2022NILE.” 

Follow Blue Nile on IG to start scanning those specially-discounted styles (after all, the summer season sets the stage for some of the DREAMIEST date nights… you might even get inspired to pop


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