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4 Reasons a Simple Gold Wedding Band Is Exactly What You Need

4 Reasons a Simple Gold Wedding Band Is Exactly What You Need

It’s truly sooo exciting to see weddings coming back, full throttle, this summer. To be honest, with such a crazy and unprecedented last year, we totally understand why some couples might be delaying certain ‘I do’ to-dos on their lists. But if that includes finding wedding bands for your ceremony (and the happy life to come), we implore you to circle back around on that. We talked with our friends at Good Gold, and they reminded us just how special simple gold wedding bands are. So, if you’re wondering whether a plain piece should be part of your story, the answer is yes.

All the gotta-know details about Good Gold 

It all started with a challenge: to make the world's most ethical wedding ring. To do this, founders Siggy, Laurel, and Ash Hilton knew that they had to push themselves beyond just focusing on ethical metal and recycled mailers, they had to weave it into every aspect of their business. So, they broke the business down to three main categories of sustainability: The people they work and communicate with, the physical world and products they use, and the internal cogs that make their business personally sustainable while also keeping the work interesting, fulfilling, and fun. 

4 Reasons a Simple Gold Wedding Band Is Exactly What You Need

They’re good at making jewelry, but they’ve always been about taking that strength and using it in a way that helps other people, either by giving them a great job or by making enough profit to donate in big ways. Good Gold has aligned with The Toolbox Initiative and its mission to support fellow metalsmiths. Basically, jewelers from around the world donate tools they’re no longer using as well as their metal scraps to be refined and turned into workable silver and given to Senegalese jewelers. It gets to the heart of what the Hiltons love about the handmade movement, people connecting over shared skills and freely sharing tips and information so that everyone produces better work.

Not to mention, it also encourages recycling, travel and respect, and understanding of the larger global community of jewelers.

4 Reasons a Simple Gold Wedding Band Is Exactly What You Need

About those simple gold bands… and what makes them so great

There are so many options out there for your wedding bands, but we loveee a plain gold moment. Here’s why

It’ll match your engagement ring.

Whether you have a platinum, white, yellow, or rose gold engagement ring, you can be sure your wedding band fits right in if it’s simple and unembellished. Good Gold keeps it simple. You can choose from white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold and between two classic shapes - rounded or flat. And since mixing metals is not only OK these days, but strongly encouraged, these bands are perfect. 

It’ll start you and your partner off with parity and balance. 

Yes, it can be fun to have different wedding bands - one with diamonds, another, perhaps, with graphite inside, etc. But what we love about going with a simple gold band, is that you and your guy or girl can essentially start your marriage off on the same slate. Neither one of you has additions on your ring that would make it better than your counterpart’s (metaphorically speaking, neither of you is coming to the table with advantages, privileges, or extra fancies, you’re saying ‘I do’ and engaging in an equal partnership). Your ring, then, represents your marriage - a jumping off point, a clean page to continue writing your story together. 

4 Reasons a Simple Gold Wedding Band Is Exactly What You Need

It’ll make any custom personalization that much more meaningful. 

We love when couples have their wedding rings engraved with personal sentiments - phrases or quotes that have rich and poignant relevance in your relationship or sweet nothings that make you smile simply because they came from your sweetheart. Not to say that engravings are any less special if they’re done on bands with embellishments, they just compete with aesthetics and detailing. With Good Gold, all rings that are 3mm wide or wider can be engraved with about 30 characters. And because the engraving is happening on a simple, understated band, it’s almost like the ring becomes a floating love letter. Forever circling your finger with precious words from your favorite person.

It’ll remind you that your love is the only thing that matters.

Don’t get us wrong, we love weddings, we live for celebrations that fete our big love feelings - but weddings have the potential to be leagues away from sustainable and minimalist. With a simple gold band, though, you can strip away all of the ‘extras’ and get back to the only reason for the season: your love and commitment to one another.

4 Reasons a Simple Gold Wedding Band Is Exactly What You Need

Good Gold wedding rings are crafted by hand, using New Zealand alluvial gold. That means the gold has been washed down from the mountains by rainwater and naturally deposited by rivers and oceans. It's collected by small-scale local miners, forged in New Zealand, and made into Good Gold’s beautiful and impossibly-unique rings. 

Over 97% of the gold used in commercial jewelry comes from exploitative mining practices. And the havoc that hard rock mining causes around the world is mind bending. Gigantic pits and dumping tanks of cyanide are how companies extract gold from crushed rock. It can produce up to 20 tons of mining waste per ring. But Good Gold does things differently by harnessing the power of water to naturally extract the gold. It’s a major relief to know that with your wedding ring, you can relax and feel cool and confident that you’re not wrecking the earth or displacing communities.

4 Reasons a Simple Gold Wedding Band Is Exactly What You Need

These customers know what’s good 

“Good Gold has incredible ethics and it’s something to be so proud of. We love supporting kiwi business and how could we not with a place as great as Good Gold. Super easy to communicate with and order online. Free returns made it easy for us to make some small changes, too, as it’s always difficult to know when you can't see them in person. We were very happy with the quality of our rings!”

“Great quality products with wonderful customer service and ethical values. Tamsin answered every one of my many questions promptly (within a day), and was super nice and helpful throughout. The rings were shipped out very quickly, and they look great and fit the exact specifications we ordered. I would highly recommend Good Gold to anyone looking for high quality, ethical gold bands.” 

4 Reasons a Simple Gold Wedding Band Is Exactly What You Need

And a fifth reason why simple gold’s a total win… 

If you go with a family-owned brand like Good Gold, you can get 10 percent off your handmade-to-order ring made with ethically-sourced New Zealand Gold (promo code "wedding chicks" at checkout). Free Shipping, resizes, and returns + a quality guarantee for life (and beyond!) - they're made to be heirlooms! 

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We partnered with Good Gold to put the most ethical rings in the world on your radar. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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