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Why You’ll Want to DIY Flowers for Your Microwedding

Why You’ll Want to DIY Flowers for Your Microwedding

Wedding trends come and go, absolutely, but in 2020, the landscape really wasn’t made up of trends as much as it was couples figuring out an entirely new way to wed. Microweddings aren’t going to be a flash in the pan kind of thing; rather, they’re here to stay. And as 2021 starts to strut its stuff (in a world that’s beginning to get vaccinated #ohyassss), we can’t wait to see how the postponed nuptials from 2020 turn out. We wouldn’t be shocked if all the plan B micro-affairs materialized into even better events than were originally planned - after all, they’ll have a lot of hands-on attention from those engaged (the personalization factor, in the midst of the pandemic, is off the charts for those of you who were wondering!). So, now that we’re a few days into 2021, we wanted to talk about a piece of the microwedding picture that can easily be DIY-ed with some help from the pros: The Bouqs Co. Weddings.

But first, it’s January, so we can’t be remiss about New Year's resolutions

Instead of committing to diets or new workout routines, if you’re a bride with wedding plans on the horizon, why not consider a try at DIY? The 2020 wedding script was compromised, definitely, but it also made couples get back to the basics and appreciate the true reason for the season: their love and their next big step together. Vendors showed up for their brides and grooms and helped them rejigger their plans when arrangements got up-ended, but, in turn, couples got more collaborative and inventive. And that’s all that you need when you’re gearing up for a day that’s all about you and your boo.

Why You’ll Want to DIY Flowers for Your Microwedding

So, here’s a challenge, and one that we hope will pick up steam on social media for everyone flush with fiancé-ship at present: what you would have relied on someone else to handle for your wedding day, instead do yourselves. If it’s a microwedding you’re masterminding, start somewhere where you can show off your creativity and, at the same time, feel supported, too.

You’ve seen that mantra before - you know, the one that says “the grass is greener where you water it?” Well, that’s what we’re envisioning for your partnership with The Bouqs. If you want pretty wedding flowers that you feel 💯 about and know your guests (no matter how many or how little you have) will love…

Let The Bouqs be your sun, your soil, and your water.

Here’s how the partnership works and what perks you can look forward to:

Why You’ll Want to DIY Flowers for Your Microwedding

A personalized touch.

One of The Bouqs team members will help you prune your plans every step of the way.

The freshest florals.

All of the flowers that’ll debut on your big day are shipped directly from the farm, so they arrive in the freshest form and look stunning on your wedding day (and they'll also last for a week after, for any lucky party attendees who want a special take home).

Why You’ll Want to DIY Flowers for Your Microwedding

Easy-to-understand pricing.

The Bouqs Co. Weddings provides premium-quality wedding flowers at budget-friendly prices. Couples can legitimately save up to 80% vs. a traditional florist! And with their recently-launched ‘Micro Wedding’ packages, they’re accommodating smaller, more intimate events even more specifically.

The flowers are luxurious, beautiful, of the highest quality, and their customers are so pleasantly surprised to see how affordable they can be! (my company used to get regular flower deliveries from The Bouqs to brighten up our startup office, and I can tell you with certainty, they were 👌.


Their packages are easy to customize, too. All you have to do is tell your floral facilitator at The Bouqs what your wedding color scheme is and how many people will be attending your celebration - they can start from there!

Why You’ll Want to DIY Flowers for Your Microwedding

Microwedding advantages.

The Bouqs’ pre-arranged packages can be a true time-saver for brides and grooms to focus on other planning aspects leading up to their big day (and even though these wedding cellies are smaller, the planning still takes time, any pauses taken to relax, take a breather, spend quality time together = life). They offer options to fit any vibe - dreamy, chic, classic, or anything in between. Couples can tailor by theme, colors, and number of pieces, without sacrificing quality.

Their DIY packages are fun, easy, and can be personalized to every bride or groom's whim – the sky’s the limit, and after such a stressful and chaotic year, the process of putting flowers together and bonding over the blooms, it’s super enjoyable, we'll tell you straight up. It's also a great opportunity to connect with family and friends before the wedding (in small groups, of course - flower arranging is social distance-friendly), plus it aligns on most budgets. And The Bouqs provide step-by-step guidance to make the process as seamless as possible.

Even more savings for being our flower girl[friends]

Use code “CHICKS20” for 20 percent off your order!

Why You’ll Want to DIY Flowers for Your Microwedding

These brides agree The Bouqs puts the petal to the metal for your wedding day (micro or otherwise!)

“Everyone at The Bouqs is professional and friendly. The flower quality is amazing and the price is competitive. So happy with everything!” - Amy

“The flowers were absolutely beautiful, and we saved a fortune by using The Bouqs Company!” - Janna

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We partnered with The Bouqs Co. Weddings to bring you all this dynamite DIY know-how. As always, thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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