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Little Gems Proposal Card

put a ring on it

This post goes out to all out WC readers that are making plans to pop the question to their special honey! Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the ring choices out there? Or are you planning to have your lovely lady pick out her own bling? Knot & Pop and Hollyhock Lane completely understand and they have come with the perfect idea, why not put a placement ring on it?!
What's a placement ring? Knot & Pop explains: "These days, many people are proposing without a ring, knowing that their lady will want a part in choosing the sparkle." So they came up with this adorable Little Gems proposal card to assist in this happy endeavor. And you can make one for free, just keep scrolling to find out more!

Little Gems materials

From Knot & Pop:You’re about to pop the question! So you’ll be needing a ring... From the cut to clarity, to carat and colour, there’s a lot to consider when buying your diamond. And it’s no wonder another C enters the vocab...confused? If you don’t yet have the real diamond deal, and can’t hold back asking any longer then our paper placement ring is here to help.


PDF Download from Knot & Pop and Hollyhock Lane, Exacto Knife, Ruler, Glue Stick & Black Envelope

Step 1:

Download the PDF artwork and print

Step 2:

With a Exacto knife, and cutting mat, carefully cut round the ring of choice

print out pdfs and cut out chosen ring

download and print

Step 3:

Take the Inner Card and cut a slit along both of the long sides of the black box in the center, starting in-between the white and pink boxes and moving down toward the words “Marry me.” This will become your pop out ring box. Then cut along the line in the center of the pink box. This will be were your placement ring shall sit.

Step 4:

Now prepare the card. Cut round the sides and using glue or spray mount fix the front and back sheets of the card neatly together. Be sure not to glue down the section of the inner card that you have cut out.

Step 5:

As you fold the card in half the ring box up should pop out towards you. Place the ring in the ring bed slot

cut out front and back of card and glue together

fold in half to create card

Step 6:

Take the envelope liner artwork and cut it out. Using spray mount or glue, fix the liner inside the envelope flap to give it bit more pizazz.

Step 7:

Place the card into the envelope and gather the nerves to pop the question!

spice up your envelope

glue in envelope insert and slide in card

prepare to surprise your honey

Concept & Styling: Knot & Pop Artwork: Hollyhock Lane Photography: Lucy Davenport

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