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How To Reuse Your Wedding Flowers From Afloral

How to resue your wedding flowers from AFLORAL

I’ll say it right now, and you can quote me until forever: flowers are stunning, simply gorgeous, but they don’t need to be living to have that impressive impact. If done right, the pretty will prevail even if the petals aren’t real. And that’s especially true if your “fake” flowers are from a place like Afloral: a company that believes that floral decorating for your events or home should never be costly. They offer the highest quality silk flowers (botanically-accurate, real touch flowers) and amazing decor at exceptionally-low prices. So, whether you’re a bride, florist, event planner, or just flower fiends like us, who love creating fun, beautiful things out of them, you’ll literally be able to do the most with your trendy Afloral finds at THE best value.

It’s funny, we said ‘do the most,’ but that’s not hyperbole. We actually mean the most. The cost of wedding florals is one of those things that can easilyyyyy go from reasonable to absolutely ridiculous in no time at all. And, yes, so much of that has to do with what kind of blooms you blush over and have to have in your floralscape for the day, but it also has to do with the fact that there are certain ‘abundance’ expectations for the occasion. You don’t only need a bouquet to walk you down the aisle, you need ceremony arrangements, reception centerpieces, one-off displays and statement florals that add to the overall sublime aesthetic you’re trying to create. It adds up, and somewhere down the line, it became a standard to have separate florals for every part of the wedding - doubling up or repurposing arrangements like couldn’t happen. 

Well, we’re changing that narrative RN, because if you’re already spending lots on spectacular-looking stems, you should be able to use them however you’d like. This absolutely applies to real flowers, go on and get the most bang for your buck for those blooms; but, if you can do it with faux flowers, that won’t wilt or lose any of their luster throughout the day - like real flowers can and do - then you’ll not only be saving money, you’ll be ensuring your photos are as pristine as possible. An epic bouquet can be used as an epic centerpiece once the ceremony is over, and then recycled again into a decorative home piece after the wedding is over. We know this is possible, because we did it. And here’s how you can too!

reuse your bouquet 

Here’s how we put this one together...

Start with the greenery on the outside (it helps add volume and just a whole lot of life - which can sound counterintuitive with faux flowers, but Afloral’s greenery is just flippin’ gorgeous).

Then, we added in pink pampas grass for texture and dimension - also because we see soooo many fun installations using pampas grass, but really haven’t seen it done on a smaller scale, with a bouquet. SO PRETTY.

How to Use Your Afloral Arrangement 3 Different Times

faux floral wedding bouquet

How to Use Your Afloral Arrangement 3 Different Times

After that, we added flowers. We started with magnolias since they are larger and have a really grounding effect to the bouquet ensemble, and then we filled in with focal point flowers (including ranunculus, peonies, and dahlias).

Once we could no longer fit flowers in our hand, it was time to wrap up the bouquet so it stayed in place. We did it with some floral tape and then used the Afloral wire cutters, which made us feel like real florists.

How to Use Your Afloral Arrangement 3 Different Times How to Use Your Afloral Arrangement 3 Different Times

The finishing touch was a pretty blush ribbon - also from Afloral. They have a huge selection of ribbon varieties to choose from, not just silk or satin either, think whimsical twines, pretty lace wraps, velvet and organza options, it’s really such a one-stop shop for florals AND decor.

How to Use Your Afloral Arrangement 3 Different Times

How to Use Your Afloral Arrangement 3 Different Times

The centerpiece.

How to Use Your Afloral Arrangement 3 Different Times

Truly, only took a few steps to reimagine the bouquet as a standout, lush table centerpiece.

The look is pretty much the same, you’re just going to replace the ribbon with a decorative, low-lying gold arrangement vessel. Foam will be key! It's how you get all those stems in the perfect place.

Tape the foam down to keep it in place as you build your centerpiece.

How to Use Your Afloral Arrangement 3 Different Times How to Use Your Afloral Arrangement 3 Different Times

Just like the bouquets, use the greenery first, then add your pampas, followed by the magnolia and focal flowers.

So pretty, right?!


The home decor. 

How to Use Your Afloral Arrangement 3 Different Times

With real flowers, taking them home from the wedding sounds great, but they’re not long for the world. It’s just that simple. The best thing about silk flowers is they never die! You’ll soon have the photos from your wedding to remember your flowers and how great they looked, but even better, you can take the flowers home from your wedding and display them in your house. They’ll look just as good in your happy newlywed abode as they did on the aisle and at your party.

Afloral doesn’t just stop at event decor, they do that incredibly, but they also provide options for phenomenal home furnishing to follow the wedding day.

From glass vases and ceramic pots to plant stands and mercury glass vases, their offerings are next-level.

How to Use Your Afloral Arrangement 3 Different Times How to Use Your Afloral Arrangement 3 Different Times

Now, you can really do anything you want when you’re revamping your arrangements into home decor, just by switching out a centerpiece vessel for a vase, but we really loved pulling out our favorite pieces and curating a totally-new stand alone look. The pampas grass just did that for us. Life made 🙌🙌🙌.

Here’s how we did it:



Again, I’m no DIY legend, but we did all of this with just 19 products from Afloral, and it looked unreal - no pun intended. Here’s the full prop ledger, from the supplies to the faux stems.


  1. Blush Silk Ribbon
  2. Foam Block
  3. Floral Tape
  4. Wire Cutters
  5. Pink Ombre Cement Planter
  6. Gold Mercury Glass Bowl
  7. Gold Ceramic Geometric Vase
  8. Geometric Flower Vase
  9. Fuchsia Silk Open Peony
  10. Golden Orange Silk Poppy
  11. Blush Peach Silk Dahlia
  12. Magnolia Flower Branch
  13. White Peony
  14. Coral Peach Mini Ranunculus Spray
  15. Eucalyptus Spray
  16. Coral Peach Mini Ranunculus Spray
  17. Pink Pampas
  18. Ranunculus Bundle in Orange
  19. Cosmos and Astilbe Bush

Get to know Afloral for all your 'I Do' DIY-ing! We’re pretty obsessed. 


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We partnered with Afloral to bring you all this dynamite DIY know-how. As always, thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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