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Free Wedding Stationery That’s Actually Super Cute

Free Wedding Stationery That’s Actually Super Cute STD Design:

So, when it comes to areas where you can save on your wedding, stationery is one of the first places you can start. Die-cut details and embossed typography can definitely impress, but the goal here is to convey the specifics on and logistics of your day and get those RSVPs received in a timely manner - if you can accomplish that (with correspondence that looks nice and classy, but doesn’t stress you out with the expense), then you’ve done your job. We’ve spent soooo many years staring at pretty save the dates and whimsical wedding invitations, and it’s given us some edge on the stationery brainstorm front. That’s why we decided to offer totally FREE and completely customizable designs (for pre-wedding events and day-of details) not too long ago, and we’re actually obsessed with them. We promise, you’ll love them, too!

((Coming from a stationery snob, these printables are perfect. They have their uniqueness and signature Wedding Chicks cachet, and when you browse them, you’ll never think that they look like they’ve been pulled from special occasion/event invite binders - not that there’s ANYTHING wrong with that, there’s just a degree of basicness that comes with those books…))

Free Wedding Stationery That’s Actually Super Cute STD Design:

Truthfully, anyone can go through our printables and get inspired, but if you’re any of the below brides or grooms - even bridesmaids or mother(s) of the couple - you might just find that a downloadable design is everything your need for your nuptials.

You’re hoping to stay under a certain budget.

Yes, most couples have a budget to consider for the best day of their lives, but for some, there’s a certain degree of carte blanche that can extend all the way to their wedding cards+correspondence. And whatever they need to spend, to get that custom, bespoke invitation, is no biggie. Totally okay, to each his/her own. But for everyone else, with parameters to attend to and a creative mind that’s okay with self design and DIY, FREE printables sound pretty 🍑🍑🍑. Free. Free. Free to download these delicious files.

Oh! And several of our invitations can be downloaded as part of an invite suite (with an accommodations card, reception card, response card, etc.) with additional complementary pieces (cocktail cards, Mr. & Mrs. signs, you name it).

Free Wedding Stationery That’s Actually Super Cute Wedding Invitation Design:

Your timeline is a bit more abbreviated, so something fast is fab.

Maybe you’re having a short engagement or perhaps you let stationery slip your mind (not too far out of the realm of possibility, brides and grooms be busy AF) and most custom stationers or even retailers can’t turn out your desired design to meet your send out schedule. Whatever the case may be, it’s 100p fine. A downloadable file that you can print at home or have sent out for printing - we just happen to love Zazzle - can be super quick. Just thinking about the ease and convenience gives me chills a little bit!

Free Wedding Stationery That’s Actually Super Cute Bachelorette Party Design:

You want to help out some of your hosts. 

Of course, your wedding is your responsibility - even if you have loved ones helping out with the financial part of it all - but then there are all the pre-wedding events: the engagement party, the bridal shower, the bachelorette, if you’ll be having them. If you’re not playing host, but instead have a gracious girlfriend, parents, grandparents, who’ve offered to organize the festivities on your behalf, then you might think about helping with the planning aspects of it. Finding invitations isn’t a huge handicap to hosting, but brides or grooms who go out of their way to share a link or two to designs that they might be digging can absolutely make a great impression on their hosts. #appreciation. Plus, some friends and family have the greatest intentions, but don’t exactly share your taste. So, if you can point them in the right direction of a look that you love, you’ll be doing them a big favor. Check out the bridal shower and bachelorette invites!

Or, like me, you spent a lot of time thinking about your save the date and actual wedding invitation, but didn’t consider the day-of details that diligently until it was too late to get them custom designed… It happens!

Free Wedding Stationery That’s Actually Super Cute Menu Design:

Free Wedding Stationery That’s Actually Super Cute Table Number Design:

From escort cards to seating charts, monograms to table numbers (as well as a ton of sweet, sassy, and sentimental signage for your ceremony, cocktail hour or reception), we’ve got a whole bunch. The files don’t cost a thing, and you can customize till your heart’s content!

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, and keep an eye out for new designs. The ideas we have for modern wedding stationery and signage are always flowing.

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