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How To Make Your Own Hoop Bouquet

Cute little flower girls with simple hoop bouquet photo:

Have you seen these!? These hoop bouquets are something we keep seeing popping up and we are in serious bouquet love! Not only are they super handy to hold they also cut down on the weight of a classic bouquet. (Psst, bouquets can be surprisingly heavy). 

So because we are crushing so hard on these awesome little floral accessories we thought we would put together a fun little DIY for these, our new favorite wedding trend! 


How to build your own hoop bouquet

Macrame hoop 8”: Joann's Fabric $1.60 
Floral Tape: Joann's Fabric $5.60
Floral Wire: Joann's Fabric $1.60
Assorted florals
Assorted Greenery
Willow branches (optional)

Your first decision for your hoop bouquet is if you want to use a macrame hoop or to make your own willow branch hoop. If the answer is the later take a look at this handy step by step tutorial from Colorful Crafts on how to create your own willow branch wreath.

Step 1: 

Take your hoop, (either metal or branch) and start attaching your greenery first. Use floral wire to secure each stem to half of your hoop. Carefully cover the wire with floral tape so as to mask the wires and prevent any injury. Continue doing this until you get the fullness you desire. Beautiful floral hoops below made by Downtown Flowers.

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Step 2: 

Next begin adding flowers. You will start with your larges flowers first attach each stem to your hoop the same way you attached your greenery.

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Step 3: 

Work from largest flowers to smallest flowers filling in spaces with the smaller flowers. Hint: less is more when it comes to a hoop bouquet, you want it to still show off that pretty ring you’ll be holding so Asymmetry is going to be your friend

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