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Easy Bridesmaid Gift For Under $15

bridesmaid box

If you cannot treat your wedding party to a day at the spa, put together our easy bridesmaid beauty box. Not only will it show them how thankful you are, but it will get them wedding ready wedding as well! What you select to put in the box can vary, there are ways you could even make it a tad cheaper than $15! What a steal!
We put in a few useful wedding goodies, but the main ingredient in our Beauty in a Box is Aztec Secret - Indian Healing Clay. You may have heard of it, but this 100% natural clay is a must try! This secret mask has been named “the world’s most powerful facial". Great for any complexion, from acne prone skin, to a smidgen oily, or for even super dry skin. It has been known to work wonders. Read on to learn how to make it, print out our FREE LABELS, and see what we put in our easy bridesmaid gift otherwise know as "Beauty In A Box."

beauty in a box free labels

Step One

Print out your labels We used Avery square labels 22806 for the get pretty with beauty in a box labels, along with the apple cider vinegar and Indian healing clay labels. Download your box and bottle labels here.
Download the facial instruction card here. We suggest using a piece of card-stock or heavy weighted paper. You can print out 4 at a time and cut along the black lines.

beauty box supply list


Purchase your supplies We included a nail polish that your wedding party could wear for the wedding day. Before they paint those pretty nails, they need to wash those feet with a some soap and buff them with a pumice stone to get those cracked heels smooth again. Massage in some foot cream to ensure their feet are looking their best. We added a lip gloss that they can wear on the day of, and lastly, we threw in a few chocolates for good measure.
Beauty In A Box Supplies Purchase boxes to put everything in. We selected a box that was $3 - but you could easily put the contents in a less expensive box or wrap cute show boxes you may have floating around you place. All of the contents were purchased for around $15 with the exception of the mini chocolates, Indian Clay, and the Apple Cider Vinegar. The supply of the clay and the vinegar will be more than enough for your whole wedding party and of course healthy supply for yourself. You can make this box as simple or extravagant as you want. Cut costs by selecting an EOS Chapstick instead of gloss or vamp up your box by including jewelry for your maids to wear on your wedding day!

1. Soap =$2
2. Lotion = $2
3. Pumice Stone = .75 (we cut each one in in half)
4. Stila Lip Golss = $5
5. Mini Essie Nail Polish = $4 (you can find these in a packs of 4 and divvy amongst your gals' boxes)
6. 2 secure jars = $2
7. Indian Clay $12
8. Apple Cider Vinegar = $5
9. Beauty In A Box Labels

step three

Place the Apple Cider Vinegar and the Aztec Indian Healing Clay labels on your jars, and fix your Beauty in a Box label on the front of your gift box and assemble with raffia. We put raffia at the bottom of the box, but you could easily use shredded tissue or kraft paper to cut cost.

bridesmaid gift ideas

easy bridesmaid gift ideas

step four

Time to get pretty!
If you have not already downloaded your Aztec Secret - Indian Healing Clay card instructions here. It provides complete steps and tips on how to do this amazing facial. We must say- we highly recommend drinking excess water the day prior to your home facial. Because the clay does such a good job pulling out the toxins and blemishes from your skin it tends to dehydrate you if you are not prepared. Drink plenty of water to avoid and go see how this facial works wonders to soften and brighten your skin!

beauty in a box labels

Indian healing clay facial

Aztec Indian clay facial

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