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5 Dessert+Drink Pairings to Serve at Your Stock the Bar Bash

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Weddings are great, right? There are SO many events to celebrate the happy couple, and most of the occasions are also fun for the fam. One of such is the stock-the-bar party ((which can easily work for a fun engagement party)). It’s been a thing for a few years now, so we’re not sure why it hasn’t become more mainstream - but it’s truly one of the best ideas ever. Your whole perspective on the ‘couple’s shower’ is going to be blown out of the water when we explain a little further… 

Stock the Bar Party, What’s It Mean?

Take that as literally as possible. When you’re invited to a stock the bar soiree, you’ll likely be joining other coeds at the home of the nearly-married pair. You’ll be asked to bring barware or cocktail accoutrements off their registry ((although, it doesn’t have to be)), and a bottle or two of liquor to - you guessed it - stock their bar. Wine, whisky, shakers or cool shot glasses for the bar cart, they’re all welcomed. With open arms and thirsty mouths.

And It’s a Mixed-Gender Group?

Yep, typically. The party can replace the need for a bridal shower entirely - if the twosome has been living together for a while and not in need of any obligatory household items. Or, it can be added activity for the couple who loves to entertain and wants to round up their respective crews for a night of revelry and romance (you never know!).

What Should the Hosts Have on Tap?

The stock the bar situation can be as high or lowkey as the couple wants, but in the spirit of celebration and the coming together of all their besties - guys and girls alike - there are a few things that are absolute must-haves:

  1. Cute invitations - they don’t have to be printed, either, environmentally-conscious weddings are cool too!
  2. Signature drinks - signature cocktails aren’t just for the wedding; in fact, we’d say that a signature sip at a stock the bar party is even MORE appropriate. And since you’ll be imbibing with mixed company, make sure you have a few options to please a variety of palettes.
  3. Delightful decor - the most festive fêtes have their fare share of cute cocktail signs, cocktail napkins with personalized messages, darling drink trays. It’s extra, of course, but it wouldn’t be on point without it.
  4. A bevy of bites - and for a party like this one, amp up the sweets. Mini samplings of cake (you can even crowdsource some feedback to see what your guests would love to have as your wedding cake), cupcakes, brownies, cookies, etc. P.S. guys like zerts, too. #TomHaverfordHey. My man dies for anything chocolate… even more than I do… 

So, we took some time to splice together a few signature cocktails and sweets pairings for your perusal… I think I might just throw myself a stock the bar party this weekend to test them out… Or just start planning my summer porch party lineup.

Frozen Avocado Margarita

If you really want to get creative… plan your stock the bar siesta for a Tuesday night. And do it with tacos and tequila… We can’t even Tacobout the cuteness of this theme. Cinco de Mayo is next weekend, people.

Avocado Margarita

Lime Bars

Blood Orange Thyme Cocktail



Golden Champagne Cocktail


Because it's a wedding... Of course you have to do champagne somewhere... And you can start with this easy chocolate macaron recipe

Coconut Rosewater Blackberry Smash



Seasonal Dacquiris


And if you want to go a little old school... bring out the adult ice cream bar


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