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Wedding Trend Alert: Getting Ready Cocktail With Blanc de Bleu

signature getting ready cocktail with blanc de bleu

You've heard of a Signature Wedding Cocktail, but have you heard of a Signature Getting Wedding Ready Cocktail? It's something special to sip on while you're getting wedding ready with your besties.

Whip up this sparkling wine cocktail in seconds, we guarantee your squad will be so pumped that you thought about them. Read on for an ultra tasty, refreshing bubbly cocktail from  Blanc de Bleu. The recipe is for 6 bridesmaids to each have 2 sparkling wine cocktails. Trust us they'll each want two.

Wedding Chicks
Something Blue Sparkling Wine Cocktail


1. Fancy Flutes (we love these personalized flutes because they double as a bridesmaid gift)
2. 2 bottles of Blanc de Bleu
3. 1 Bottle of Blueberry Juice
4. 1 Box of Fresh Blueberries
5. White Rum
6. Sugar Cubes
7. Lime Juice
8. Mint Sprigs


1. Two sugar cubes at the bottom
2. Plop in 3-4 blueberries
2. 1/4 cup of blueberry juice (eyeball it)
3. A splash of White Rum 
4. A squeeze of a lime or squirt of ReaLime
3. Top it off with chilled  Blanc de Bleu
4. Throw on a spring of mint
5. Everyone will think you're really fancy

How am I going to get all the supplies to my venue?

• Put your Blanc de Bleu and the White Rum in this handy dandy Kato insulated sparkling wine cooler carrier. I have a feeling you'll use it again so you should totally add it to your wedding registry.  It really is the best gift for the wine lover. Add the other supplies to a smaller little lunch box cooler like this.

• You can also put everything in this Extra large cooler bag if you want to bring snacks as well. 

signature getting ready cocktail with blanc de bleu

This light and fruity Signature Getting Wedding Ready Cocktail is the perfect little something to start your celebration off right that you can easily make yourself. Although it is your day, it is always nice to show your wedding party how much you appreciate and love them. 

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