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Tips to Trick Out Your Wedding Bar

Wedding Bar Photo by Corbin Gurkin Photo Credits:

Of course, there are so many great motifs to go along with the modern wedding scene, from statement veils to personalized, handwritten wedding vows, but there’s one in particular that often gets overlooked… maybe because after all the partying, things get a little too hazy to remember. But a seriously pimped-out wedding bar is all kinds of alright 👌.

It’s one of those things, like food trucks, brilliantly-plated entrees and desserts, a seriously-stunning wedding gown, or unique escort card displays, that can make any guest get a little snap-happy. And there’s nothing wrong with that, especially if you and your fiancé are fine beverage snobs or master mixologists behind-the-scenes at any party. Foodies or chef couples have the best catering at their weddings, if you and boo prefer the spirits, then do it big with a v.cool bar that’ll have your guests’ besties at home stalking your hashtag all night.

Wedding Bar Photo by Laura Gordon Photo Credits:

Like the entirely-made-out-of-ice bar at this $10 million wedding.

We’ll show you some of the bars we’ve double-tapped online lately, but first, here are a few tips for creating a vignette worthy of a few voyeurs.

Signature Cocktail FTW. 

A good signature cocktail - or pair of intoxicating elixirs (one for him, one for her) - is the first puzzle piece in a winning wedding bar. So, even if you didn’t want to go too basic for your nuptials, think again. P.S. extra points for the most creative drinks’ names. A little bit of sass to go along with your signature sip can be what separates the 😒 reactions from the 😃 reactions. 

Wedding Bar Photo by KG Events Design Photo Credits:

Strong Signage. 

Really, the bars that get next-level 👏 are the ones with super cute signage (and/or frames to put it  in). Chalk-paint drawings of the signature drinks, cheeky verbiage that alludes to your guests be persuaded to imbibe (with the promise of their own love story to follow… ahem, “Because no great love story started with a salad…”). My wedding was proof of this, friends, two of bridal party members hooked up almost 4 years ago, and haven’t looked back. #cantsaytequilawasnttheculprit.

Wedding Bar Photo by One Love Photography
Photo Credits:

Decor to Match. 

This is certainly something that not every couple wants to do (or can fit into their budget), but some of the best wedding bars we’ve seen, have the sickest styling - incorporate awesome, colored glassware, fun shakers, lighting/signage (marquee lights or neon signs behind the bar), copper vessels for florals, even custom wall decals or adhesives that can used -- pending your venue’s approval - things that all of your vendors can get in on. Florists, vintage rentals, etc.

Wedding Bar Photo by J Hunt Photos Photo Credits:

Mocktail Options. 

You’ll find us at the ‘with-alcohol’ end of the bar, but a great one also has options for the under 21 set, and for those who just don’t want to drink. Be it with fun fruity mixins, allllll the kinds of sparkling sips [flavored water and seltzers, that is] and their own cache of glasses. Having a non-alcoholic add-on is always appreciate!

Wedding Bar Photo by Crested Farms Photo Credit:

Add on a magical bartender, customized cocktail napkins, and maybe a few cute swaps for the regular dishes of peanuts, maraschino cherries, and olives, and your bar will be THE place to be for the night… Just don’t tell the dance floor 👍

Oh, and maybe these… for guests to grab when they hear their jam.

Wedding Bar Coasters Photo Credit:

We're feeling a little ecstatic about al fresco wedding season... just sayin'!

Wedding Bar Photo by Christina Richards Photo Credits:

Something for a spring garden party vibe...

Wedding Bar Liquid Cult Photo Credits:

Something for a tented fete...

Wedding Bar Archive Rentals Photo Credits: Photo @rebeccahollisphotography Planning @crosbyandjon Rentals @archiverentals Venue @flatheadlakelodge

Something for a beachy affair...

Wedding Bar Rent Patina Photo Credit: @rentpatina

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