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3 Bachelorette Party Drinks From LiDestri Pink Lemon Liqueur


Who's ready to get crazy and celebrate your bestie's last night of freedom? You're going to need to do it with one of these 3 tasty bachelorette party drinks from LiDestri Pink Lemon Liqueur.

Each hand-crafted cocktail is an ideal choice to keep any bachelorette party going until the break of dawn! Let's get mixing!

DIY Cocktail

LiDestri Pink Lemon Liqueur

Be the hostess with the mostess and gift each of the girls a mini bottle of LiDestri Pink Lemon Liqueur. We tied a cute drink me tag around the bottles for that added touch. Your besties can toss them in their purse, and add a swig to their boring drink to jazz it up. Technically a make your own cocktail! Wink wink. Order your mini LiDestri bottles here. 

Don't worry we got you! Download this "Drink Me" file here. Buy Avery circle labels here on Amazon. They already have a hole, so you just need to slip some ribbon in them.  The perfect addition to your  LiDestri Pink Lemon Liqueur mini bottles.

free drink me

Bachelorette Jello Shots

jello ring shots

We ordered these incredibly cute ring jello shots from Amazon and whipped up this bachelorette worthy jello shots! Here's how we did it.

1. Mix together strawberry jello and LiDestri Pink Lemon Liqueur (to get that ombre effect we added less jello mix to some of the rings)

2. Remove gray ring holder

3. Pour jello and liquor mix into the ring. Close and place on a plate. Let solidify. We let it sit for about 2 hours.

4. Take out of the fridge and flip the ring upside down. Lift the top open and pour mixture into the top of the ring, so the ring is filled to the top. Repeat step 3. This time we let the entire ring sit overnight.

bachelorette worthy jello shots

bachelorette worthy jello shots

Happy Pink Lemonade

Bachelorette party drink recipe. Happy Pink Lemonade.

Before you slip on your sashes and officially become "Woo Girls"  mix up this Happy Pink Lemonade. It just so happens to be LiDestri Pink Lemon Liqueur's signature drink. Not only is it your favorite color, but it will make you incredibly happy and ready to woo the night way. 

Pin the below image to your Bachelorette party planning board, this way you won't forget to mix up a batch of  Happy Pink Lemonade.

Happy Pink Lemonade Recipe

Happy Pink Lemonade Recipe 

LiDestri Pink Lemon Liqueur
Pink Lemonade
Simple Syrup
Fresh Lemons

3/4 cup of lemonade
1 jigger of LiDestri pink lemon liqueur
2 jiggers of your fave Vodka
1/4 cup of simple syrup
Add all the ingredients to a shaker with ice
Pour over ice and garnish with a lemon wedge

LiDestri Pink Lemon Liqueur

We partnered with LiDestri Pink Lemon Liqueur to share with you these Bachelorette Party Drinks. View our bridal shower cocktail recipes here. Please drink responsibly and have the best Bachelorette party every. 

LiDestri Pink Lemon Liqueur

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