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If Food Is a Big Day Big Deal for You Then You’ll Need to Meet JDK

If Food Is a Big Day Big Deal for You Then You'll Need to Meet JDK

Just the other day, my husband and I were talking about all the weddings we’ve gone to over the last few years, and, very innocently, we ended up ranking them. ALL were great, don’t get us wrong, but when we considered what the 🍒 on top were for our favorite fetes, it came down to the food - what it was and how it was presented. Now, obviously every couple is going to seek out sweet and savory savants for their wedding food service, because who doesn’t want to eat well on their wedding day; it’s when you want that food to help tell a story, that you need to employ a Beauty and the Beast, sort of “Be Our Guest” ensemble of chefs, designers, and maître d's to make it all happen magically. And that’s exactly what The JDK Group does. They make magic not only as caterers, but as florists and premiere event designers, too. 

If Food Is a Big Day Big Deal for You Then You'll Need to Meet JDK

Food and Flowers, But Make It Fashion.

Yup, that’s pretty much what they do as internationally-awarded caterers ((a Leading Caterer of America, to be more precise)), florists, and event designers. Yet, it’s all done in the service of your unique love story. 

“Nothing means more to us than being able to capture the personalized beauty of you on your wedding day. For over 31 years, we’ve had the honor of composing weddings throughout Central Pennsylvania and beyond. These stories have turned into our cherished legends and have helped us harness and refine a variety of event services to use in retelling your love story. Whether it’s venue selection, flavorful food, Pinterest-worthy presentation, personable service, floral design and décor, or bar services – we stamp each element of your wedding with your own unique touch.”  ~ The JDK Group

If that means wanting to dine on cheeseburger dumplings, then so be it! 

If Food Is a Big Day Big Deal for You Then You'll Need to Meet JDK

Umm. Does that look delicious or what?!?!!

The JDK Group believes that every wedding should have a custom menu, one to celebrate the tastes of each couple, and not only their tastes, but their chemistry. How one flavor works with the other and what that harmony, together, brings forth. Each dish that JDK prepares is handcrafted by the skilled and passionate members of their culinary team who blend the right combination of refined ingredients paired with seasonal and locally-sourced items to deliver flavorful, gorgeously-curated, gourmet food that represents you. 

You’ll never be thinking IDK with JDK. 

Because their expertise in the personalized, special occasion event space is unmatched. From 15 to 15,000-people parties, the JDK team promises exceptional service, incredible food, and truly innovative design. All of which can only come from their people-focused philosophy, trendsetting, stylized presentation + aesthetics, and interactive event experiences.

If Food Is a Big Day Big Deal for You Then You'll Need to Meet JDK

… We’ve seen their sample menus. Tomato carving stations for cocktail hour? Yasss, we’ll bite.

Every food station is custom-designed with a complementary floral arrangement using your preferred petals, and they’ll even include decor for your bars, gift, cake, and escort card displays and votives for all of your guest reception tables at no charge! 

The one-stop-shop with triple the tricks! 

"JDK was amazing to work with from the start. The team truly cares and listens to your vision and helps you achieve it every step of the way! This definitely decreased my wedding planning stress levels. My husband and I had JDK coordinate and cater our reception as well as provide our floral decor and personal flowers. So many guests shared that it was one of the best receptions/meals they have ever had! Our day would not have been what it was without them!" ~ Laura A.

"My husband and I went with JDK for catering as well as flowers. They really were a one-stop shop! It made planning our wedding so much easier, especially since we did not hire a planner and did everything on our own. We worked with Emma and Lexi for food and drinks. They really helped with the planning process! They were prompt to answer any questions we had and did regular phone calls to check up on us, which was very helpful. The food was delicious. Our guests loved our unique menu and I still dream about our food from that day. JDK went above and beyond (Lexi even ran out to pick up razors for my husband the morning of) and I could not rave about them enough!" ~ Lena S.

If Food Is a Big Day Big Deal for You Then You'll Need to Meet JDK

“JDK catered our wedding on 11.8.19 and they were amazing!!!! We received so many compliments on the food the entire night. Not only is their food amazing, their service is absolutely perfect. You're never wondering where someone is or looking for something, they have so much staff there to help, especially with the things your guests need. AMAZING!!! Hire them ASAP!"  ~ Ashley C.

"JDK was absolutely amazing to work with - I would 100% recommend them for your wedding or event! Molly and their entire team were always responsive, friendly, easy to work with and captured my vision for the day perfectly. I can truly say everything went exactly as I had asked/planned because of the hard work from the JDK team!" ~ Abby 

If Food Is a Big Day Big Deal for You Then You'll Need to Meet JDK

JDK (stands for just do [it] kids)! 

When food and fun are non-negotiables for your nuptials, an extra $500 can go a long way! Contact one of the JDK Group Wedding Specialists to inquire about collaborations for your 2020 wedding. And to thank you for teaming up with them, you’ll get a $500 gift card good towards an extra food station for cocktail hour or some swoon-worthy velvet linens to dress your tables ((you know, the ones you’ve been lusting over since last year, but haven't been able to justify it)).

If Food Is a Big Day Big Deal for You Then You'll Need to Meet JDK


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